Swift and Shift Couriers (2008)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Swift and Shift Couriers is an Australian comedy series created by the writers of Fat Pizza. Based on a courier business in the western suburbs of Sydney, the business is run and staffed by a rag tag collection of layabouts, misfits and socially challenged individuals. Essentially everything that can go wrong does go wrong in typically outrageous fashion. With a mix of cultures and dodgy work ethics this business is an absolute disaster and the show makes for an eclectic viewing experience with a distinct take on Australian humour. Read More



Episode 10: Wedding: Part 2
Episode 9: Wedding: Part 1
Episode 8: Snow
Episode 7: Unlicenced
Episode 6: Birthday
Episode 5: Medical
Episode 4: Police
Episode 3: Valentine's Day
Episode 2: Big Box
Episode 1: Indians
Episode 9: A Swifty Shifty Xmas
Episode 8: The Safety Inspector
Episode 7: The Dead Body: Part 2
Episode 6: The Dead Body: Part 1
Episode 5: The Rocket Ride
Episode 4: Sexy Package
Episode 3: Management Training
Episode 2: The Polar Bear Suit
Episode 1: Welcome to Swift & Shift