Swedish Dicks (2016)


Genre: Comedy , Crime

Plot: Ingmar and Axel have stabilized their position in the PI world, and Ingmar thinks they are ready to become licensed detectives. This creates unexpected immigration problems for Axel, who turns out to be an illegal alien. While taking on new high status cases, competing against their arch enemy Jane McKinney and once again having to question if Tex really is dead, they also have to solve this visa problem - before Swedish Dicks once again becomes Swedish Dick. Read More



Episode 10: Till Dicks Do Us Part
Episode 9: Girls Day!
Episode 8: The Swedish FBI
Episode 7: Dawn of the Dicks
Episode 6: Behind Bars
Episode 5: Two Dicks Walk into a Bar
Episode 4: Floyd Cal Who?
Episode 3: It Had to Be Lou
Episode 2: Dial M for Medium
Episode 1: A Thief Amongst Us
Episode 10: See You Later, Alligator
Episode 9: There’s Something about Tex
Episode 8: Back to School
Episode 7: The Curse of the North Korean Curse
Episode 6: Tale of the Tape
Episode 5: Howl Like a Big Dog
Episode 4: Let's Talk about Cults
Episode 3: The Very Brief Adventures of Maintenance Guy and Plant Man
Episode 2: The Blind Leading the Blind
Episode 1: When Ingmar Met Axel