Swamp Thing (1990)


Genre: Sci-fi

Plot: The adventures of a man-turned-muck monster. Swamp Thing was once a man named Alec Holland, but after being caught on fire, doused with strange chemicals, and dumped into the Louisiana swamps by the evil Dr. Anton Arcane, Alec's body mutated. No longer is he human, or even an animal. His body is made from the muck and plants of the swamp. He's super strong and can make plants do his bidding. Good thing he's on our side... Read More



Episode 11: Sonata
Episode 10: This Old House of Mayan
Episode 9: Smoke and Mirrors
Episode 8: Poisonous
Episode 7: A Jury of His Fears
Episode 6: Children of the Fool
Episode 5: Better Angels
Episode 4: A Nightmare on Jackson Street
Episode 3: Mist Demeanor
Episode 2: Love Lost
Episode 1: Night of the Dying
Episode 22: The Prometheus Parabola
Episode 21: Tremors of the Heart
Episode 20: Touch of Death
Episode 19: The Hunt
Episode 18: The Watchers
Episode 17: Walk a Mile in My Shoots
Episode 16: Silent Screams
Episode 15: Dark Side of the Mirror
Episode 14: Birth Marks
Episode 13: The Shipment
Episode 12: From Beyond the Grave
Episode 11: Falco
Episode 10: New Acquaintance
Episode 9: Treasure
Episode 8: Natural Enemy
Episode 7: Grotesquery
Episode 6: Blood Wind
Episode 5: Spirit of the Swamp
Episode 4: The Legend of the Swamp Maiden
Episode 3: The Death of Dr. Arcane
Episode 2: The Living Image
Episode 1: The Emerald Heart