Survivors (1975)


Genre: Drama , Sci-fi

Plot: When a genetically engineered virus kills ninety-five percent of the world's population, the survivors must rebuild humanity in the face of overwhelming odds. "Survivors" is a study of man vs. nature and man vs. man in an attempt to reclaim an unrelenting world. In essence, the series concerns the aftermath of a plague which had wiped out over 99% of the world's population and the experiences of a group of individuals in England as they grappled with the post-plague world and the trials of day-to-day survival. Read More



Episode 12: Power
Episode 11: Long Live The King
Episode 10: The Last Laugh
Episode 9: The Enemy
Episode 8: Sparks
Episode 7: The Peacemaker
Episode 6: Reunion
Episode 5: Bridgehead
Episode 4: Mad Dog
Episode 3: Law Of The Jungle
Episode 2: A Little Learning
Episode 1: Manhunt
Episode 13: New World
Episode 12: Over The Hills
Episode 11: New Arrivals
Episode 10: Parasites
Episode 9: The Chosen
Episode 8: By Bread Alone
Episode 7: A Friend In Need
Episode 6: The Witch
Episode 5: Face Of The Tiger
Episode 4: Lights Of London (2)
Episode 3: Lights Of London (1)
Episode 2: Greater Love
Episode 1: Birth Of A Hope
Episode 13: A Beginning
Episode 12: Something Of Value
Episode 11: Revenge
Episode 10: The Future Hour
Episode 9: Law And Order
Episode 8: Spoil Of War
Episode 7: Starvation
Episode 6: Garland's War
Episode 5: Gone To The Angels
Episode 4: Corn Dolly
Episode 3: Gone Away
Episode 2: Genesis
Episode 1: The Fourth Horseman