Surgical Spirit (1989)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Sheila Sabatini is a brilliant surgeon, but her sharp tongue gets her into trouble with fellow consultant surgeons George Hope-Wynne and Neil Copeland. They think she's a "ghastly woman", mainly because she likes to unearth their lazy and hypocritical behavior at every opportunity. However, her best friend Joyce and her anesthetist Jonathan Haslam thinks she's marvelous. Can she make it in the hospital's old boy network, keep her relationship with her teenage son at least semi-functional at the same time as sorting out how she feels about Jonathan? Written by Roseanne Hodge Read More



Episode 7: Something In The Air
Episode 6: The Garden Party
Episode 5: The Phone Call
Episode 4: Doubting Thomas
Episode 3: Educating Daniel
Episode 2: The Copeland Affair
Episode 1: Cold Cuts
Episode 6: Sammy Eldridge
Episode 5: Fame
Episode 4: The Country, Right or Wrong
Episode 3: Joyce's Ulcer
Episode 2: The Locum
Episode 1: The Lecture