Supernova (2005)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Supernova is a British comedy series produced by Hartswood Films and jointly commissioned by the BBC in the UK and UKTV in Australia. It follows Dr Paul Hamilton, a Welsh astronomer, who leaves a dull academic post and unloved girlfriend for a new job at the Royal Australian Observatory, deep in the Australian outback. The comedy centres around his difficulties adjusting to life in the outback and his eccentric fellow astronomers. The first series was released in the United Kingdom and Australia in October 2005 and consisted of six 30-minute episodes. The second series began airing on 3 August 2006 in the UK. The exterior scenes were shot at Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia. The observatory itself is a CGI creation, according to the DVD commentary, and only a partial doorway was constructed on site for filming purposes. Read More



Episode 6: May the Best Man Win
Episode 5: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Episode 4: Perseverance
Episode 3: Big Red
Episode 2: How's Your Father
Episode 1: Wild Oats
Episode 6: Where Men are Men
Episode 5: Unity
Episode 4: Venus Rising
Episode 3: When You Wish Upon a Star
Episode 2: God Are You Out There?
Episode 1: The Black Hole