Superjail! (2007)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Crime , Fantasy

Plot: Superjail! is an American animated television series produced by Augenblick Studios the first season and Titmouse, Inc. the second and third season. The series follows the events that take place in an unusual prison. The pilot episode aired on television on May 13, 2007, and its first season began on September 28, 2008. Superjail! is characterized by its psychedelic shifts in setting and plot and extreme graphic violence, which give the series a TV-MA-V rating. These elements are depicted through highly elaborate animated sequences, which have been described as "baroque and complicated and hard to take in at a single viewing". A fourth season was confirmed on David Wain's Twitter. Read More



Episode 6: The Superjail Six
Episode 5: Superstorm!
Episode 4: The Superjail Inquisitor
Episode 3: Jean, Paul, Beefy and Alice
Episode 2: Last Pack
Episode 1: Superhell!
Episode 10: Burn Stoolie Burn
Episode 9: Planet Radio
Episode 8: Oedipus Mess
Episode 7: Nightshift
Episode 6: Troubles with Triples
Episode 5: Special Needs
Episode 4: Sticky Discharge
Episode 3: Uh-Oh, It's Magic
Episode 2: Superfail
Episode 1: Stingstress
Episode 10: Vacation
Episode 9: Superjail Grand Prix
Episode 8: The Budding of the Wurbuxx
Episode 7: Jailbot 2.0
Episode 6: Ghosts
Episode 5: Gay Wedding
Episode 4: Hotchick
Episode 3: Lord Stingray Crash Party
Episode 2: Mayhem Donor
Episode 1: Best Friends Forever
Episode 10: Time-Police (2)
Episode 9: Time-Police (1)
Episode 8: Dream Machine
Episode 7: Mr. Grumpy-Pants
Episode 6: Terrorarium
Episode 5: Don't Be a Negaton
Episode 4: Cold-Blooded
Episode 3: Ladies Night
Episode 2: Combaticus
Episode 1: Superbar