Superbook (2011) (2011)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Chris Quantum is your typical Valleyview Middle School student -- except if you take into account one of his best friends is a robot named Gizmo. Add his best friend Joy Pepper into the mix and you have a recipe for adventure. The adventures begin for this trio when a mysterious device appears and takes them on journeys throughout the Bible. Travel back with Chris, Joy, and Gizmo and get ready for the journey of a lifetime! Read More



Episode 13: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
Episode 12: The Prodigal Son
Episode 11: Peter's Denial
Episode 10: Gideon
Episode 9: Noah and the Ark
Episode 8: Job
Episode 7: Paul and the Shipwreck
Episode 6: John the Baptist
Episode 5: Esther: For Such a Time as This
Episode 4: Rahab and the Walls of Jericho
Episode 3: The Fiery Furnace!
Episode 2: Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream
Episode 1: Jonah
Episode 13: Revelation: The Final Battle!
Episode 12: The Road to Damascus
Episode 11: He is Risen
Episode 10: The Last Supper
Episode 9: Miracles of Jesus
Episode 8: The First Christmas
Episode 7: Roar!
Episode 6: A Giant Adventure
Episode 5: The Ten Commandments
Episode 4: Let My People Go!
Episode 3: Jacob and Esau
Episode 2: The Test!
Episode 1: In the Beginning