Super Monsters (2017)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Horror

Plot: Preschool kids whose parents are the world's most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten. Read More



Episode 9: An Ogre in Pitchfork Pines
Episode 7: Green with Envy
Episode 6: Putting on a Show
Episode 5: A Mermaid in Pitchfork Pines
Episode 4: Lost Among the Pines
Episode 3: Monster Heart-Friend Night
Episode 2: The Impossible Seed
Episode 1: Moonlight Melody
Episode 6: Project Little Wings
Episode 5: Runaway Gargoyle
Episode 4: Stage Fright Tonight
Episode 3: Cure for the Witchy-Ups
Episode 2: Spike the Scavenger
Episode 1: Cleo Has the Answers
Episode 10: Zombie Eyes Surprise
Episode 9: Once in a Blue Moon
Episode 8: Lost and Furry One
Episode 7: Monsters at the Museum
Episode 6: Even Monsters Need Manners
Episode 5: Safety Fur All
Episode 4: Spell Help
Episode 3: Borrowed Trouble
Episode 2: Vampires Don't Dance
Episode 1: Meet the Super Monsters