Sunny Day (2017)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Musical

Plot: Sunny is the best hairstylist in her seaside town of Friendly Falls, and the 10-year-old is also a natural leader who thinks every problem can be solved with determination and a bit of creativity. She uses those traits to overcome every obstacle that arises in her life. Helping Sunny along the way are friends Blair and Rox, as well as pet puppy Doodle. The animated musical-comedy teaches preschoolers about community involvement and self-confidence. Read More



Episode 40: The Royal Wedding
Episode 39: Three Headed Rose
Episode 38: A Berry Good Smell
Episode 37: Parlor Problems
Episode 36: Pet Parlor
Episode 35: Jump
Episode 34: A Different Duo
Episode 33: Violet's Adventure
Episode 32: Skating Siblings
Episode 31: Cindy and the Cupcake Machine
Episode 30: Pancake Party
Episode 29: Timmy's Big Day
Episode 28: Dance Buddies
Episode 27: Sunny's Squad
Episode 26: Lulu the Woodland Fairy
Episode 25: The Forever Home
Episode 24: Sleepover Surprise
Episode 23: A Day at the Beach
Episode 22: The Royal Portrait
Episode 21: Cirque du Sunny
Episode 20: Poodle Puff Pals
Episode 19: Clowning Around
Episode 18: Sunny's Not-So-Simple Concert
Episode 17: Best Christmas Ever
Episode 16: Wild Styled
Episode 15: Band Together
Episode 14: Lacey's Salon
Episode 13: If Timmy Gives You Apples
Episode 12: The Royal Visit
Episode 11: Pumpkin Pursuit
Episode 10: Messenger Mix-Up
Episode 9: Top Dog
Episode 8: Junior's Teddy Bear
Episode 7: The Topi-Hairy Contest
Episode 6: Friendship Day
Episode 5: Sunny and the Princesses
Episode 4: Style Swap
Episode 3: Puppy Love
Episode 2: Sunny's Birthday Wish List
Episode 1: Stick with Me