Summer Camp Island (2011)


Genre: Animation , Short , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Best friends, Oscar (an elephant) and Hedgehog (uh...a hedgehog) are spending summer at a summer camp on an island, but once they arrive, strange things begin to happen. Their camp counselors are witches. Seemingly inanimate objects like pajamas, trees, food, and even the Moon, come to life and talk, and there are monsters, aliens, ghosts and many other strange things around. It is not going to be an ordinary summer. Read More



Episode 12: Yeti Confetti Chapter 5: Where’s the Confetti
Episode 11: Yeti Confetti Chapter 4: Lucy’s Instrument
Episode 10: Yeti Confetti Chapter 3: The Sherbet Scoop
Episode 9: Yeti Confetti Chapter 2: The Yum Whisperer
Episode 8: Yeti Confetti Chapter 1: Don’t Tell Lucy
Episode 7: Puddle and the King Chapter 3: All the King’s Slides
Episode 6: Puddle and the King Chapter 2: Royally Bored
Episode 5: Puddle and the King Chapter 1: Honey Moondog
Episode 4: Susie and Ramona Chapter 4: Witches in the City
Episode 3: Susie and Ramona Chapter 3: Meet Me in Massachusetts
Episode 2: Susie and Ramona Chapter 2: Ghost Baby Jabberwock
Episode 1: Susie and Ramona Chapter 1: Susie's Ark
Episode 20: Glow Worm
Episode 19: Just You and Me
Episode 18: Tumble Dry Low
Episode 17: Oddjobs
Episode 16: When Harry Met Barry
Episode 15: Light as a Feather
Episode 14: Honeydew Hatch
Episode 13: The Later Pile
Episode 12: Wild Hearts Can't Be Caboodled
Episode 11: Catacombs
Episode 10: We'll Just Move the Stars
Episode 9: French Toasting
Episode 8: Spotted Bear Stretch
Episode 7: Tub on the Run
Episode 6: Dungeon Doug
Episode 5: Acorn Graduation
Episode 4: Tortilla Towel
Episode 3: Molar Moles
Episode 2: Ava's Yard Sale
Episode 1: Meeting of the Minds
Episode 40: The Library
Episode 39: Spell Crushers
Episode 38: Twelve Angry Hedgehogs
Episode 36: Midnight Quittance
Episode 35: Campers Above the Bed
Episode 34: Susie Appreciation Day
Episode 33: Puff Paint
Episode 32: The Soundhouse
Episode 31: Pajamas Party
Episode 30: Mop Forever
Episode 28: Sneeze Guard
Episode 27: Mom Soon
Episode 26: Space Invasion
Episode 25: I Heart Heartforde
Episode 24: The Haunted Campfire
Episode 22: Radio Silence
Episode 21: Cosmic Bupkiss
Episode 20: Fuzzy Pink Time Babies
Episode 19: Mr. Softball
Episode 8: Ghost the Boy