Street Hawk (1985)


Genre: Action , Crime , Mystery , Sci-fi

Plot: When Officer Jessie Mach is crippled after an assault by an old enemy, his time on motorcycle field duty seems finished. That is before Norman Tuttle recruits him for a secret government project. Mach is to be the test pilot for the Street Hawk, an advanced motorcycle that carries tremendous firepower and is capable of safely controlled periods of speed of over 300 MPH in an urban environment. This deal includes special surgery to repair his legs while keeping him the facade that he is still handicapped. Unfortunately for Tuttle, who can monitor the action from mission control, Jessie insists on getting involved in stopping crime rather than the simple tests Tuttle wants. So now the city has the additional protection of the mysterious superhero known as Street Hawk. Read More



Episode 13: Follow the Yellow Gold Road
Episode 12: Female of the Species
Episode 11: The Arabian
Episode 10: Murder is a Novel Idea
Episode 9: Hot Target
Episode 8: The Unsinkable 453
Episode 7: Chinatown Memories
Episode 6: Fire on the Wing
Episode 5: Dog Eat Dog
Episode 4: Vegas Run
Episode 3: The Adjuster
Episode 2: A Second Self
Episode 1: Pilot