Strangers with Candy (1999)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Jerri Blank is a 46-year-old "boozer, user and a loser" who tries to put her life back together again. The reformed runaway and addict returns to high school as a freshman, where she tries to fit in and act hip with girls 1/3 her age. Unfortunately, she hasn't quite shed her immoral background or acquired any ethics, and her bizarre family and frustrated schoolmates have trouble interacting with her. Read More



Episode 10: The Last Temptation of Blank
Episode 9: Bully
Episode 8: Sexual Harassment (a.k.a. There Once Was a Blank from Nantucket)
Episode 7: Ask Jerri
Episode 6: Blank Relay
Episode 5: Is My Daddy Crazy?
Episode 4: Invisible Love
Episode 3: Trail of Tears
Episode 2: Is Freedom Free?
Episode 1: Jerri's Burning Issue
Episode 10: A Price Too High for Riches
Episode 9: The Blank Stare (2)
Episode 8: The Blank Stare (1)
Episode 7: To Love, Honor and Pretend
Episode 6: Hit and Run
Episode 5: The Blank Page
Episode 4: The Goodbye Guy
Episode 3: Yes You Can't
Episode 2: Behind Blank Eyes
Episode 1: The Virgin Jerri
Episode 10: The Trip Back
Episode 9: Jerri is Only Skin Deep
Episode 8: To Be Young, Gifted and Blank
Episode 7: Feather in the Storm
Episode 6: Let Freedom Ring
Episode 5: Bogie Nights
Episode 4: Who Wants Cake?
Episode 3: Dreams on the Rocks
Episode 2: A Burden's Burden
Episode 1: Old Habits/New Beginnings