Storage Wars (2010)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: A&E presents the new original real-life series "Storage Wars," which follows four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure. Part gamblers, part detectives, these auction pros have found everything from coffins to the world's most valuable comic book collection, paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions. The 12-episode half-hour series premieres on A&E, Wednesday, December 1 at 10PM ET/PT. Each episode of "Storage Wars" follows a group of bidders as they get a quick peek inside the units, aided only by the beam of a flashlight. They then must assess on the spot if the unit is worth a bid and how high they will actually go to grasp the gold. The high-stakes fun begins as we see if the resulting buy is full of mostly trash... or true treasure. Driven by Dan Dotson, one of the most successful and outrageous auctioneers in the country, the cast of buyers is as colorful and varied as the treasures they uncover. Read More



Episode 10: A Plane Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Episode 9: Dr. D and the Mystery Machines
Episode 8: Breaking Bread
Episode 7: Game of Groans: Whittier Is Coming
Episode 6: Queen-baya!
Episode 5: Rules #1
Episode 4: Mirro, Mirro, on the Floor
Episode 3: Lets Make a Dill!
Episode 2: Bits and Pizzas
Episode 1: Santanas Are Coming to Town
Episode 16: Drama in the LBC
Episode 15: Nowhere to Formaldehyde
Episode 14: Mistress of the Snark
Episode 13: Not All That Glitters is Gourd
Episode 12: The Wind Beneath My Bids
Episode 11: Which Came First: The Chicken or the Auction?
Episode 10: Fowl Play
Episode 9: Let's Give ‘Em Something to Tonka About
Episode 8: Cloudy with A Chance of Profit
Episode 7: Grandma's Havoc
Episode 6: Om Sweet Om
Episode 5: Talking in Cody
Episode 4: They Shoe Horses, Don't They?
Episode 3: A Sale of Two Cities
Episode 2: Weekend at Barry's
Episode 1: The Jenny, The Baker, The Prosthetics Maker
Episode 29: We Don't Use the 'S' Word Around Here
Episode 28: Bo-ZAK That Whip!
Episode 27: Tour de Van Nuys
Episode 26: Indiana Ivy and the Temple of Phlegm
Episode 25: And Mary Ran Away with the Spoon
Episode 24: Quality Bro Chime
Episode 23: Crickets and Wickets
Episode 22: Mary's RE-finds
Episode 21: Ivy: The Pro-fession-ale
Episode 20: Goat Tell It on the Mountain
Episode 19: The Way of the YUUUP!
Episode 18: Fa-La-La-Lala, La-La-La-Locker
Episode 17: Ivy Gets the Runaround
Episode 16: Crate Balls of Fire
Episode 15: Whiskers and Lies
Episode 14: Top Meat and Greet
Episode 13: Some Mo' Mr. Nice Guy
Episode 12: Preaching to the Buyer
Episode 11: Buyerina
Episode 10: One Girl's Trinket is Another Man's Treasure
Episode 9: A Fistful of Dollar
Episode 8: Assassin's Greed
Episode 7: Vegas Shrugged
Episode 6: Kumba-YUUUP!
Episode 5: Some Don't Like It Hot
Episode 4: A Metamorphic Layer of True Romanticism
Episode 3: Season of the Kitsch
Episode 2: Out of the Frying Pan Am
Episode 1: The Wild Wild Vests
Episode 25: Tour de Chance
Episode 24: 666: The Sign of the Profit
Episode 23: Me, Myself and Ivy
Episode 22: Mutt-erial Girl
Episode 21: Vamos a Placentia
Episode 20: Shave and a Haircut: Two Bids
Episode 19: The Clamper Caper
Episode 18: Hare Today, Gun Tomorrow
Episode 17: Drawn & Quartered
Episode 16: Good MOURNING, Arcadia!
Episode 15: L. Ron YUUUPer
Episode 14: Value of the Dolls
Episode 13: You Win Some, You Luge Some
Episode 12: Olé/GYN
Episode 11: Granny Get Your Gun
Episode 10: That's the Way the Terra Cotta Crumbles
Episode 9: Happiness is a Warm Laser Gun
Episode 8: Pop, Lock & Auction
Episode 7: Quoth the Kenny: Kumbaya!
Episode 6: I Learned It From Watching You!
Episode 5: Who Wants To Be A Mil-li-NER?
Episode 4: The Nutty Appraiser
Episode 3: Bright Lights, Big Biddies
Episode 2: Goodness, Gracious, Great Coats of Fire
Episode 1: Stakes, Buys and Video Games
Episode 15: The Fat Lady is Warming Up
Episode 14: Father Bids Best
Episode 13: Sundown Showdown
Episode 12: The One with Mary and Allee
Episode 11: ¡Auctions Arriba!
Episode 10: Mary's Big Score
Episode 9: The Lion of Lancaster
Episode 8: High Scores in Arcadia
Episode 7: Santa Ana Surprise
Episode 6: Who Wet the Sheets?
Episode 5: Dreams of Cookies and Cream
Episode 4: Downtown Lockers and Uptown Dreams
Episode 3: Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Buyers
Episode 2: From Dust 'Til Dawn
Episode 1: Mexican Grand Off
Episode 13: Valley of the Hauls
Episode 12: High Stakes and Low Blows
Episode 11: Ivy for the Win
Episode 10: Tinseltown Tussle
Episode 9: Too Many Cooks in the Locker
Episode 8: What Cowboy Dreams May Come
Episode 7: Bozek Is My Spirit Animal
Episode 6: Packed, Stacked and All... Trash?
Episode 5: It's All Smoke and Mirrors
Episode 4: There Will Be Blood Money
Episode 3: The Sweet Sniff of Success
Episode 2: The Thrill of a Kitty and the Agony of Smoked Meat
Episode 1: Padian: P.I.
Episode 18: Too Fast, Too Curious
Episode 17: Lock & Roll
Episode 16: Leader of the Packed
Episode 15: Mr. Nezhoda's Opus
Episode 14: Fontan-o-rama
Episode 13: Locker Mountain High
Episode 12: Once Upon a Locker in the West
Episode 11: Gambler of Thrones
Episode 10: Who Let the Daves Out
Episode 9: (North) Hollywood Hustle
Episode 8: A Very Miraculous Storage Wars Christmas
Episode 7: A San Marcos Mitzvah
Episode 6: All Along the Swatchtower
Episode 5: Up the Ante in El Monte
Episode 4: The Emperor of El Monte
Episode 3: Locktoberfest!
Episode 2: My Little Brony
Episode 1: Auction Boogaloo
Episode 24: Bowling for Brandi
Episode 22: Super Bros. Shuffle
Episode 21: Battle of the Brows
Episode 20: Barry Doubtfire
Episode 19: Fear and Loathing in Placentia
Episode 18: The Storage Buyer in You
Episode 17: Total Wine Domination
Episode 16: There's No Place Like Homeland
Episode 15: This Lamp's for You
Episode 14: That's My Jerry!
Episode 13: The French Job
Episode 12: Barry's Angels
Episode 11: Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?
Episode 10: The Shrining
Episode 9: Old Tricks, New Treats
Episode 8: The Monster Hash
Episode 7: Oysters on the Half Plate
Episode 6: Like a Kung Pao Cowboy
Episode 5: A Time to Kiln
Episode 4: The PA Stays in the Picture
Episode 3: All's Well That Urns Well
Episode 2: Breathalyze This
Episode 1: Auctioning for Dummies
Episode 26: Portrait of the Gambler
Episode 25: Tustin, Bee Have a Problem
Episode 24: A Tale of Two Jackets
Episode 23: Jurassic Bark
Episode 22: The Young and the Reckless
Episode 21: Straight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude
Episode 20: No Bid for the Weary
Episode 19: Sheets and Geeks
Episode 18: Dr. Strangebid
Episode 17: There's Something About Barry
Episode 16: The Return of San Burrito
Episode 15: Buy, Buy Birdie
Episode 14: The Yup Stops Here
Episode 13: Willkommen to the Dollhouse
Episode 12: The Ship Just Hit the Sand
Episode 11: Dial C for Chupacabra
Episode 10: The Full Monty-Bello
Episode 9: From Russia with Chucks
Episode 8: The Fast and The Curious
Episode 7: All's Fair In Storage and Wars
Episode 6: More Like WRONG Beach
Episode 5: A Civil Accordion
Episode 4: Here's Looking at You, Kenny
Episode 3: The Iceman Carveth
Episode 2: May The Vaults Be With You
Episode 1: Third Eye of the Tiger
Episode 19: Live and Let Bid
Episode 18: Skullduggery
Episode 17: Young with the Gun
Episode 16: High End Heist
Episode 15: Chairman of the Hoard
Episode 14: Trouble the Oil
Episode 13: Makings of a Mogul
Episode 12: Auction Royale
Episode 11: Gambler's Last Resort
Episode 10: School House Lock
Episode 9: Collector's Last Stand
Episode 8: Midnight in the Gardena Good and Evil
Episode 7: Senior Center Showdown
Episode 6: All Guns To Port
Episode 5: The Old Spanish Standoff
Episode 4: War on the Shore
Episode 3: Melee in the Maze
Episode 2: Railroad Roulette
Episode 1: High Noon in the High Desert