Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle (2009)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The show marks the triumphant television return of one of the finest stand-ups working in Britain today, enthralling a live audience with his uniquely cynical and hilariously condescending take on the world around him. Each episode sees Stewart exploring a different theme in a stand-up routine, often illustrated with sketches featuring an ensemble cast. They are performed in a way that deconstructs comedy itself; literally a vehicle for Lee's idiosyncratic style. Starring alongside Stewart are: Tony Law, Tara Flynn, Paul Putner, Kevin Eldon, Miles Jupp, Simon Munnery, Job Angus and Michael Redmond. Peter Serafinowicz provides voiceovers. Read More



Episode 6: Childhood
Episode 5: Migrants
Episode 4: Death
Episode 3: Patriotism
Episode 2: Islamophobia
Episode 1: Wealth
Episode 6: Marriage
Episode 5: London
Episode 4: Context
Episode 3: Satire
Episode 2: England
Episode 1: Shilbottle
Episode 6: Democracy
Episode 5: Identity
Episode 4: Stand-Up
Episode 3: Charity
Episode 2: London
Episode 1: Charity
Episode 6: Religion
Episode 5: Comedy
Episode 4: Financial Crisis
Episode 3: Political Correctness
Episode 2: Television
Episode 1: Toilet Books