Static Shock (2000)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: In Dakota City, Virgil Hawkins is an ordinary kid who gets into big trouble, which gets him pressured into joining a street gang. That night, Virgil's gang has a major rumble at a chemical storage yard that the police interrupt by tear gassing the lot. That gassing accidentally detonates a series of chemical explosions that creates the infamous "Bang Baby Incident" that affects all the gangs and more. For instance, Virgil gains the powerful ability to project and control electricity at will. With the help of his inventive friend, Richie (who would much later get his own powers to become Gear), Virgil decides to become the superhero, Static. As it happens, this new career is well timed considering many of the surviving rumblers also become superpowered themselves and become dangerous supervillians. Against this new and growing threat, Static is determined to fight for justice, even while his personal life gets a major shock to its system. Read More



Episode 13: Power Outage
Episode 12: Kidnapped
Episode 11: Wet and Wild
Episode 10: Linked
Episode 9: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Episode 8: Now You See Him...
Episode 7: Hoop Squad
Episode 6: No Man's an Island
Episode 5: Army of Darkness
Episode 4: Fallen Hero
Episode 3: Out of Africa
Episode 2: She-Back!
Episode 1: Future Shock
Episode 15: Blast from the Past
Episode 14: Flashback
Episode 13: The Parent Trap
Episode 12: Toys in the Hood
Episode 11: Trouble Squared
Episode 10: Romeo in the Mix
Episode 9: Consequences
Episode 8: Showtime
Episode 7: A League of Their Own (2)
Episode 6: A League of Their Own (1)
Episode 5: The Usual Suspect
Episode 4: Shebang
Episode 3: Static in Africa
Episode 2: Gear
Episode 1: Hard as Nails
Episode 11: Jimmy
Episode 10: Duped
Episode 9: Attack of the Living Brain Puppets
Episode 8: Bad Stretch
Episode 7: Pop's Girlfriend
Episode 6: Sunspots
Episode 5: Frozen Out
Episode 4: Static Shaq
Episode 3: Brother-Sister Act
Episode 2: Power Play
Episode 1: The Big Leagues
Episode 13: Tantrum
Episode 12: Replay
Episode 11: Junior
Episode 10: Bent Out of Shape
Episode 9: Winds of Change
Episode 8: Sons of the Fathers
Episode 7: Child's Play
Episode 6: The New Kid
Episode 5: They're Playing My Song
Episode 4: Grounded
Episode 3: The Breed
Episode 2: Aftershock
Episode 1: Shock to the System