Staten Island Hustle (2018)


Plot: Five businessmen have yet to run into an idea or a product that is too far-fetched for them to invest in. These five friends have proven through grit, determination, street smarts and force of will that success does not always require MBAs. They use a "right connection" and their combined knowledge to continue to strive to be successful and have fun as they plan and grow their ideas toward greatness. "Our shows celebrate the hustle -- plain and simple. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you're from, it's the drive to succeed that counts," said Jim Ackerman, EVP, Primetime Alternative Programming, CNBC. Read More



Episode 6: The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase
Episode 5: The Gentleman's Taxi
Episode 4: The Herbidor
Episode 3: Ron's Rim Repairs
Episode 2: The Boxinator 500
Episode 1: The New York Watermaker