Starhunter Redux (2018)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Sci-fi

Plot: The story of the 44 episodes of Starhunter is revealed in 'Starhunter, Creator's Cut' as originally intended by the show Creators. Censored scenes restored, bold ideas returned, episodes re-edited to match original scripts, never seen before material, as Creators Dan D'or and Phil Jackson wanted, but were blocked the first time around. Read More



Episode 22: Resurrection
Episode 21: Travis
Episode 20: Bad Seed
Episode 19: Bad Girls
Episode 18: Eat Sin
Episode 17: A Twist in Time
Episode 16: Super Max
Episode 15: Dark and Stormy Night
Episode 14: Half Dense Players
Episode 13: The Most Wanted Man
Episode 12: Goodbye So Long
Episode 11: Black Light
Episode 10: Cell Game
Episode 9: Order
Episode 8: Past Lives
Episode 7: Frozen
Episode 6: Peer Pressure
Episode 5: The Man Who Sold the World
Episode 4: Siren's Song
Episode 3: Family Values
Episode 2: Trust
Episode 1: The Divinity Cluster