Squidbillies (2004)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: Squidbillies is an animated television series about the Cuylers, an impoverished family of anthropomorphic hillbilly mud squids living in the Appalachian region of Georgia's mountains. The show is produced by Williams Street Studios for the Adult Swim programming block of Cartoon Network and premiered on October 16, 2005. It is written by Dave Willis, co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Jim Fortier, previously of The Brak Show, both of whom worked on the Adult Swim series Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The animation is done by Awesome Incorporated, with background design by Ben Prisk. Read More



Episode 9: Events By Russell
Episode 8: There's Sucker Porn Every Minute
Episode 7: Blue Lives Battered
Episode 6: Cooler-Heads Prevail
Episode 5: Rich Dan, Poor Dan
Episode 4: The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain
Episode 3: Muscadine Wine
Episode 2: Galvin
Episode 1: Forever Autumn
Episode 10: Dewey Two-ey
Episode 9: The War on The War on Christmas
Episode 8: Duel of the Dimwits
Episode 7: Tortuga de Mentiras
Episode 6: Debased Balls
Episode 5: Ballad of the Latrine Marine
Episode 4: The Knights of the Noble Order of the Mystic Turquoise Goblet
Episode 3: Jacksonville Jackass
Episode 2: The Guzzle Bumpkin
Episode 1: Dove in an Iron Cage
Episode 9: Thanks-Taking
Episode 8: Squash B'gosh
Episode 7: Greener Pastor
Episode 6: Cephalo-ectomy
Episode 5: Vicki
Episode 4: The Peep
Episode 3: Trackwood Race-ist
Episode 2: Southern Pride and Prejudice
Episode 1: Lipstick on a Squid
Episode 10: Jose Can You? Si!
Episode 9: Hybrid To Hell
Episode 8: Sheriff-in-law
Episode 7: Granny Hotfoot
Episode 6: A Walk To Dignity
Episode 5: Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg!
Episode 4: Ink Is Thicker Than Blood, Which Is Thicker Than Water
Episode 3: Taint Misbehavin'
Episode 2: Limbitless
Episode 1: Hetero-Cephalo Agenda
Episode 9: Gun of a Son
Episode 8: The Squid Stays in the Picture
Episode 7: Thou Shale Not Drill
Episode 6: Stop. Jammertime!
Episode 5: A Jailhouse Divided
Episode 4: Drone to the Bone
Episode 3: The Inkubater Lives!
Episode 2: Ga-Ga-Ghost
Episode 1: Granite Caverns
Episode 6: From Russia With Stud
Episode 5: The Legend of Kid Squid
Episode 4: Green and Sober
Episode 3: Squidbilly Manfishing
Episode 2: Beware the Butt-Cutter
Episode 1: Rusty and Tammi Sitting in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D
Episode 10: Trucked Up!
Episode 9: The Return of Gaga Pee Pap
Episode 8: The Pharaoh's Wad
Episode 7: Ballmart
Episode 6: Snow Daddy
Episode 5: Keeping It in the Family Way
Episode 4: Big E
Episode 3: Velvet Messiah
Episode 2: Class of '86
Episode 1: Asbestos I Can
Episode 10: America: Why I Love Her
Episode 9: Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine
Episode 8: Clowny Freaks
Episode 7: Fatal Distraction
Episode 6: Frivolacious Squidigation?
Episode 5: Holodeck Redneck
Episode 4: Young, Dumb and Full of Gums
Episode 3: Dead Squid Walking
Episode 2: The Many Loves of Early Cuyler
Episode 1: Need for Weed
Episode 10: Not Without My Cash Cow!
Episode 9: Reunited, and it Feels No Good
Episode 8: God's Bro
Episode 7: Atone Deaf
Episode 6: The Big Gay Throwdown
Episode 5: Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind
Episode 4: Anabolic-holic
Episode 3: The FIne Ol' Solution
Episode 2: The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube
Episode 1: Lerm
Episode 20: Krystal, Light
Episode 19: Mud Days and Cornfused
Episode 18: Pile M For Murder
Episode 17: The Okaleechee Dam Jam
Episode 16: An Officer and a Dental Dam
Episode 15: Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby
Episode 14: Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen
Episode 13: Armageddon it On!
Episode 12: Tuscaloosa Dumpling
Episode 11: The Unbearable Heatness of Fire
Episode 10: The Appalachain Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma
Episode 9: Condition: Demolition!
Episode 8: Sharif
Episode 7: The Good One
Episode 6: Earth Worst
Episode 5: Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is
Episode 4: Wing Nut
Episode 3: Tween Stream
Episode 2: Beast Implants
Episode 1: Webnecks
Episode 14: Rebel With a Claus
Episode 13: A Sober Sunday
Episode 12: Survival of the Dumbest
Episode 11: Terminus Trouble
Episode 10: Burned and Reburned Again
Episode 9: Bubba Trubba
Episode 8: Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust
Episode 7: The Tiniest Princess
Episode 6: Meth O.D to My Madness
Episode 5: Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble
Episode 4: Swayze Crazy
Episode 3: Double Truckin' the Tricky Two
Episode 2: Butt Trouble
Episode 1: Government Brain Voodoo Trouble
Episode 6: Office Politics Trouble
Episode 5: Family Trouble
Episode 4: Chalky Trouble
Episode 3: School Days, Fool Days
Episode 2: Take This Job and Love It
Episode 1: This Show Is Called Squidbillies