Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)


Plot: Imagine being able to sense danger, crawl any wall, be strong enough to bend steel, and have more agility than any other human? For Peter Parker, this is a fact. Except he doesn't think of it as a gift. In his final year of High School, Peter Parker was bitten by an irradiated spider. After brief hallucinations, Peter wakes up with incredible powers--much like that of a spider. Thus, to make some extra cash, Peter takes on the persona of Spider-Man, and tries to pursue a career as a pro wrestler. When he witnesses a robbery, he lets the criminal escape, simply because "it's not his problem". Then, when his dear Uncle Ben is killed, Peter finds that the murderer is none other than the criminal he failed to stop before. Now, Peter uses his powers to stop crime, as he learns that "With great power, comes great responsibility". Read More



Episode 13: Spider Wars (2): Farewell, Spider-Man
Episode 12: Spider Wars (1): I Really, Really Hate Clones
Episode 11: Secret Wars (3): Doom
Episode 10: Secret Wars (2): The Gauntlet of the Red Skull
Episode 9: Secret Wars (1): Arrival
Episode 8: The Return of Hydro-Man (2)
Episode 7: The Return of Hydro-Man (1)
Episode 6: Six Forgotten Warriors (5): The Price of Heroism
Episode 5: Six Forgotten Warriors (4): The Six Fight Again
Episode 4: Six Forgotten Warriors (3): Secrets of the Six
Episode 3: Six Forgotten Warriors (2): Unclaimed Legacy
Episode 2: Six Forgotten Warriors (1)
Episode 1: The Wedding
Episode 11: The Prowler
Episode 10: The Lizard King
Episode 9: The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson
Episode 8: The Return of the Green Goblin
Episode 7: The Vampire Queen
Episode 6: The Awakening
Episode 5: Partners
Episode 4: The Return of Kraven
Episode 3: The Black Cat
Episode 2: The Cat
Episode 1: Guilty
Episode 14: Turning Point
Episode 13: Goblin War!
Episode 12: The Spot
Episode 11: Carnage
Episode 10: Venom Returns
Episode 9: Tombstone
Episode 8: The Ultimate Slayer
Episode 7: The Man Without Fear
Episode 6: Framed
Episode 5: Rocket Racer
Episode 4: Enter the Green Goblin
Episode 3: Attack of the Octobot
Episode 2: Make a Wish
Episode 1: Doctor Strange
Episode 14: The Final Nightmare
Episode 13: Shriek of the Vulture
Episode 12: Ravages of Time
Episode 11: Tablet of Time
Episode 10: The Immortal Vampire
Episode 9: Blade, the Vampire Hunter
Episode 8: Duel of the Hunters
Episode 7: Enter the Punisher
Episode 6: Morbius
Episode 5: Mutants' Revenge
Episode 4: The Mutant Agenda
Episode 3: Hydro-Man
Episode 2: Battle of the Insidious Six
Episode 1: The Insidious Six
Episode 13: Day of the Chameleon
Episode 12: The Hobgoblin (2)
Episode 11: The Hobgoblin (1)
Episode 10: The Alien Costume (3)
Episode 9: The Alien Costume (2)
Episode 8: The Alien Costume (1)
Episode 7: Kraven the Hunter
Episode 6: The Sting of the Scorpion
Episode 5: The Menace of Mysterio
Episode 4: Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous
Episode 3: Return of the Spider Slayers (2)
Episode 2: The Spider Slayer (1)
Episode 1: Night of the Lizard