Special (2019)


Genre: Comedy , Drama

Plot: SPECIAL is semi-autobiographical comedy about a gay man with cerebral palsy in his mid-20s coming of age by starting his first real job, beginning his first adventures in dating, and moving into his first apartment away from his helicopter mother. Read More



Episode 8: Here’s Where the Story Ends
Episode 7: Why Is No One Ready?
Episode 6: Prom Queens
Episode 5: Ryan Joins the Crips
Episode 4: Death by a Thousand Cold Cuts
Episode 3: That’s the Way the Boys Are
Episode 2: I Don’t Like It Like This
Episode 1: One Day Stand
Episode 7: Chapter Seven: Blind Deaf Date
Episode 6: Chapter Six: Straight Potential
Episode 5: Chapter Five: Vagina Momologues
Episode 4: Chapter Four: Housechilling Party
Episode 3: Chapter Three: Free Scones
Episode 2: Chapter Two: The Deep End
Episode 1: Chapter One: Cerebral LOLzy