Southern Charm New Orleans (2018)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The music and beat of Bourbon Street fades as viewers get a look at the exclusive community of wealth, rich culture and deep traditions. "Southern Charm New Orleans" follows an elite circle of friends who were born into prominent families and who choose to live a New Orleans' lifestyle full of lavish parties and exclusive invitations -- but beneath the glitz and glam, secrets could rock the very foundation of some of these friendships. Join the party in a city that has deep cultural history as these friends navigate heartache, business and personal lives, and the endless parties. Read More



Episode 10: Second Time's the Southern Charm
Episode 9: A Date With Destin-y
Episode 8: The Big Picture
Episode 7: No Thanks Given
Episode 6: Birthdays and Breaking Down
Episode 5: The Runway Runaway
Episode 4: Housewarming Gone Cold
Episode 3: Nightmare on Bourbon Street
Episode 2: Jewels and Bad Juju
Episode 1: Back in the Big Easy, Baby!
Episode 8: Better Late Than Pregnant
Episode 7: All About the Bunny Hunnie
Episode 6: Etoufee-Faced
Episode 5: Booze and Boos
Episode 4: Alligator Tears
Episode 3: 50 Shades of Cray
Episode 2: Art House Party
Episode 1: Big Easy, Baby!