Southern Charm (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The notoriously closed society of Charleston, South Carolina unlocks the gates of their centuries-old plantation homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Get charmed by the social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city's most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern belle equals. Read More



Episode 13: Secrets Revealed
Episode 12: Reunion Part 2
Episode 11: Reunion Part 1
Episode 10: Treehouse of Cards Part 2
Episode 9: Treehouse of Cards Part 1
Episode 8: It's My Party and I'll Go If I Want To...
Episode 7: Low Country Broil
Episode 6: Love Sick
Episode 5: Monumental Challenge
Episode 4: Single and Ready to Pringle
Episode 3: A Pair and a Spare
Episode 2: Charleston Whine and Food Festival
Episode 1: The Good Shephard
Episode 16: Reunion, Part 2
Episode 15: Reunion, Part 1
Episode 14: White Gloves Off
Episode 13: Outfoxed
Episode 12: Who Put the 'Mad' in Madison
Episode 11: Rocky Mountain High Part 2
Episode 10: Rocky Mountain High Part One
Episode 9: Sorry Not Sorry
Episode 8: New Craig, Who Dis?
Episode 7: Dick Moves and Dick Pics
Episode 6: A Salt and Battery
Episode 5: In Sew Deep
Episode 4: Barking up the wrong tree house
Episode 3: Slide in to your DMs like...
Episode 2: Kat's out of the bag
Episode 1: RSVPeeved
Episode 15: Reunion Part 1
Episode 14: Ho, Ho, Ho
Episode 13: Game Changer
Episode 12: Gone Girl
Episode 11: Beer and Trembling
Episode 10: Family Ties
Episode 8: What da Fuskie
Episode 7: Kat's Got Your Tongue
Episode 6: Exes on the Half Shelf
Episode 5: Pulp Friction
Episode 4: All Talk No Action
Episode 3: Groovy Baby
Episode 2: The Break-Up Bunch Part 2
Episode 1: The Break-Up Bunch Part 1
Episode 15: Reunion, Part 2
Episode 14: Reunion, Part 1
Episode 13: Ain't No Thanks Like a Chicken Wing
Episode 12: A Tribe Called Key West
Episode 11: Boys Gone Wild
Episode 10: The Hangover
Episode 9: Guess Who's Coming to Lunch
Episode 8: Sari, Not Sari...
Episode 7: Fowl Play
Episode 6: To Liver and Die in Charleston
Episode 5: Craig of All Trades, Master of None
Episode 4: Shepwrecked
Episode 3: Step and Release
Episode 2: Roamin' Holiday
Episode 1: While the Kat's Away
Episode 14: Reunion Part Two
Episode 13: Reunion Part One
Episode 12: Founder's Brawl
Episode 11: Words of Wisdom
Episode 10: From Here to Paternity
Episode 9: Saint and Sinners
Episode 8: Whit's End
Episode 7: Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Episode 6: Beast of Bourbon
Episode 5: Invite-gate
Episode 4: Birds of a Feather...
Episode 3: Hold Your Horses
Episode 2: Miss Domesticated
Episode 1: #newcraig
Episode 12: Reunion
Episode 11: Dysfunction Junction
Episode 10: Election Day
Episode 9: Jekyll and Snide
Episode 8: Unaware in Delaware
Episode 7: Better Late Than Never
Episode 6: In the Cups
Episode 5: Shep-Istotle
Episode 4: No Good Deed
Episode 3: Raising the Roof
Episode 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Episode 1: Return to Neverland
Episode 10: Secrets Revealed
Episode 9: Reunion
Episode 8: One of the Lost Boys Leaves Neverland
Episode 7: The Third Man
Episode 6: The Glass Menagerie Is Half Full
Episode 5: White Ties and White Lies
Episode 4: Is She or Isn't She?
Episode 3: In the Cups
Episode 2: Sh-Epic Fail!
Episode 1: Peter Pan “Sin”Drome