South of Nowhere (2005)


Genre: Drama , Romance

Plot: The Carlin Family arrives in Los Angeles and finds themselves unprepared for L.A.'s fast paced, ethnically diverse- "anything goes" environment. Sixteen-year-old Spencer Carlin never felt like she fit in small town America and now she's beginning to question everything. Glen Carlin is a handsome, outgoing 17-year-old. He's an awesome basketball player, popular with the girls, the guy everyone wants to be around. Glen seems to have the world in his pocket. Spencer and Glen are joined by their adopted brother, Clay. Clay Carlin is 17, smart, sarcastic, and African-American. He is looking forward to forging his own identity, but finds that "being black" in L.A. is a test he may not pass. South of Nowhere, It's not where you've been, it's where you're going. South of Nowhere is a show that deals in honest, authentic and compelling ways with issues all families and adolescents confront including: identity, self-discovery, sexual identity, racial identity, family, faith, parental expectations and peer pressure, among others. Read More



Episode 16: On The Precipice
Episode 15: Taking Seconds
Episode 14: Past, Present and Future
Episode 13: Better Late Than Never
Episode 12: Love and Kisses
Episode 11: A Very Inconvenient Truth
Episode 10: Spencer's 18th Birthday
Episode 9: Career Day
Episode 8: Gay Pride
Episode 7: Saturday Night Is For Fighting
Episode 6: Fighting Crime
Episode 5: The Truth Hurts
Episode 4: Spencer's New Girlfriend
Episode 3: The It Girls
Episode 2: Can't Buy Me Love
Episode 1: The Valley Of The Shadow
Episode 12: Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden
Episode 11: Love, Child and Videotape
Episode 10: Love and War and Love and War
Episode 9: Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear
Episode 8: That's the Way the World Crumbles
Episode 7: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Episode 6: That Is So Not Mom
Episode 5: Rules of Engagement
Episode 4: Guess Who's Coming Out to Dinner?
Episode 3: Behind the Music
Episode 2: The Morning After (2)
Episode 1: The Morning After (1)
Episode 10: Say it Aint So, Spencer
Episode 9: Shake Rattle & Roll
Episode 8: Under My Skin
Episode 7: Friends With Benefits
Episode 6: Girl's Guide to Dating
Episode 5: First Time
Episode 4: Put Out or Get Out
Episode 3: Friends, Lovers, Brothers, and Others
Episode 2: Secret Truths (2)
Episode 1: Secret Truths (1)