Six Degrees with Mike Rowe (2021)


Genre: Documentary , History , Reality-tv , Comedy

Plot: Mike transports himself back in time to some of the most major moments in history and connects the dots between these events – revealing incredible stories along the way. With his wry sense of humor and candid, no-nonsense take, Mike links society’s most taken-for-granted moments to their surprising origins and connects them to the modern world of today. To help him out, he’s roped in his pal Chuck who (reluctantly) acts out some of the historical events, demonstrating how everything in our wonderfully weird world came to be related. Read More



Episode 6: Garbage Man Finds Big Bang!
Episode 5: Sheep Does Taxes!
Episode 4: Volcano Redeems Rapper!
Episode 3: Horseshoe Finds Soulmate!
Episode 2: Mousetrap Cures Hangover!
Episode 1: Hungry Soldiers Produce TV!