Singled Out (2020) (2020)


Genre: Short , Reality-tv

Plot: Sassy singles. Daring DMs. Real deal breakers. Singled Out is back to help singles navigate the treacherous waters of dating in the digital age. Who will get stuck in the the friend zone and who will be singled out? Read More



Episode 10: Victoria the Vivacious Vixen
Episode 9: Brayan is the Cutest Clown
Episode 8: Basit the Boujee Bombshell
Episode 7: Carlos Wants a Co-Pilot
Episode 6: Hala the Queen from Queens
Episode 5: Taylor Kween of the Trailer Park
Episode 4: Dane the Daredevil
Episode 3: Cameron the Cheerleader Wants a Jock
Episode 2: Ian and His Colorful Peacock
Episode 1: Tracy and Her Bag of Tricks