Shazam! (1974)


Genre: Action , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: A teenager named Billy Batson and his adult companion, Mentor, travel around in an RV helping people in need. Billy has been given the power to turn into Captain Marvel by the elders, Solomon, Herculese, Atlas, Zeus, Achillese and Mercury. Every episode the elders would contact Billy and give him a cryptic warning about something he will encounter. Billy would ultimately realize the meaning of the elder's advice and transform into Captain Marvel to help someone in need. Oh Elders, fleet and strong and wise, appear before my seeking eyes. Read More



Episode 6: Out of Focus
Episode 5: The Sound of a Different Drummer
Episode 4: Finders Keepers
Episode 3: Ripcord
Episode 2: Bitter Herbs
Episode 1: The Contest
Episode 7: The Odd Couple
Episode 6: Speak No Evil
Episode 5: Goodbye, Packy
Episode 4: Double Trouble
Episode 3: Fool's Gold
Episode 2: Debbie
Episode 1: On Winning
Episode 15: The Gang's All Here
Episode 14: The Past is Not Forever
Episode 13: The Braggart
Episode 12: The Delinquent
Episode 11: Little Boy Lost
Episode 10: The Brain
Episode 9: The Doom Buggy
Episode 8: The Boy Who Said No
Episode 7: The Treasure
Episode 6: The Athlete
Episode 5: The Road Back
Episode 4: The Lure of the Lost
Episode 3: Thou Shalt Not Kill
Episode 2: The Brothers
Episode 1: The Joyriders