Shark (2006)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Sebastian Stark is a Los Angeles hot-shot lawyer, who leaves his lucrative career as a defender of rich criminals to try public prosecution under the District Attorney. He forms a trial team of his own, consisting of young lawyers, like Casey Woodland, the son of a legislator, who get an opportunity to learn straight from the master, if they can stand his hellish pace, and walk the tightrope between respecting the law while using it and doing whatever it takes to win. A private investigator helps out, digging up factual information. In nearly every episode, a criminal is found out and put behind bars, after testing out tactics in Stark's private mock court. Sebastian often also has to deal with his daughter Julie, who surprisingly chose to live with him after his divorce, rather than with her mother in New York City. Read More



Episode 16: Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark
Episode 15: One Hit Wonder
Episode 14: Leaving Las Vegas
Episode 13: Bar Fight
Episode 12: Partners in Crime
Episode 11: Shaun of the Dead
Episode 10: Every Breath You Take
Episode 9: Burning Sensation
Episode 8: In the Crosshairs
Episode 7: In Absentia
Episode 6: No Holds Barred
Episode 5: Student Body
Episode 4: Dr. Laura
Episode 3: Eye of the Beholder
Episode 2: For Whom The Skel Rolls
Episode 1: Gangster Movies
Episode 22: Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark
Episode 21: Strange Bedfellows
Episode 20: Fall From Grace
Episode 19: Porn Free
Episode 18: Trial By Fire
Episode 17: Backfire
Episode 16: Blind Trust
Episode 15: Here Comes The Judge
Episode 14: Starlet Fever
Episode 13: Teacher's Pet
Episode 12: Wayne's World
Episode 11: The Wrath of Khan
Episode 10: Sins of the Mother
Episode 9: Dial M for Monica
Episode 8: Love Triangle
Episode 7: Déjà Vu All Over Again
Episode 6: Fashion Police
Episode 5: In The Grasp
Episode 4: Russo
Episode 3: Dr. Feelbad
Episode 2: LAPD Blue
Episode 1: Pilot