Sesame Street (1969)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Music , Musical

Plot: The setting is in a small street in a city where children and furry puppet monsters learn about numbers, the alphabet and other pre-school subjects taught in commercial spots, songs and games. Read More



Episode 35: Let's Go Camping
Episode 34: Fourth of July Celebration
Episode 33: Lucky's Unlucky Day
Episode 32: Big Bird's Fairy Tale
Episode 31: Rudy Blows His First Bubble
Episode 30: Making the Band
Episode 29: The Treasure of Yucky Mama
Episode 28: Searching For Letter Y
Episode 27: Welcome Baby Chicks
Episode 26: Back to Nature
Episode 25: A Very Special Fiesta
Episode 24: Dog Day Engineers
Episode 23: Zoe Breaks Her Arm
Episode 22: The Disappoint-O-Meter
Episode 21: The Fluffster Kerfuffle
Episode 20: Neighborhood Safari
Episode 19: Comic Book Adventures
Episode 18: What Floats Rocco's Boat
Episode 17: Magic Spell
Episode 16: You Can Do It, Elmo
Episode 15: There's a New Count in Town
Episode 14: Let's Draw
Episode 13: A New Friend on Sesame Street
Episode 12: Elmo's Good Luck Charm
Episode 11: The Great Fruit Strike
Episode 10: Abby Poofs a Party
Episode 9: Humpty Dumpty's Football Dream
Episode 8: A Recipe for Dance
Episode 7: Grouch University
Episode 6: Game Day on Sesame Street
Episode 5: A Dog and a Song!
Episode 4: Getting Dressed, Not Stressed
Episode 3: Pigs for Another Day
Episode 2: The Great Sesame Street Cake Off
Episode 1: Big Bird Across America
Episode 35: Cookie Monster's Museum Mystery
Episode 34: Slimey at the Car Race
Episode 33: Camp Grover
Episode 32: Baby Bear's Just Right Cafe
Episode 31: Grocery Games
Episode 30: Counting Critters
Episode 29: Oscar Uncanned
Episode 28: How to Build a Dinosaur
Episode 27: Little Bo Peep Lost Her Cow
Episode 26: Wild Adventure on Sesame Street
Episode 25: Welcome to Sesame Hospital
Episode 24: Four Furry Superheroes
Episode 23: Earth Day
Episode 22: Dinosaur in the Laundromat
Episode 21: Julia's Haircut
Episode 20: Elmo the Engineer
Episode 19: Walking the Dog
Episode 18: Elmo Goes to Chicken School
Episode 17: Fixing X
Episode 16: Mechanics in Space
Episode 15: Rudy Rides the Bus
Episode 14: Sesame Friendship
Episode 13: The Big Pretend Band
Episode 12: Elmo's Happy Little Train
Episode 11: Honk If You Love Libraries
Episode 10: Astronaut Elmo
Episode 9: Bath Time for Blankey
Episode 8: Play Time
Episode 7: New Year's Eve on Sesame Street
Episode 6: Math Magic (repeat)
Episode 5: Elmo's Factory
Episode 4: So You Think You Can Choreograph
Episode 3: Hey! Sesame Street News
Episode 2: Picture This
Episode 1: When You're a Vet
Episode 35: The Count's Counting Error
Episode 34: Surfin' Sesame Street
Episode 33: Rosita and Elmo Teach Yoga
Episode 32: Abby and Zoe Love Karate
Episode 31: Fido the Frog
Episode 30: The Golden Triangle
Episode 29: Elmo and Abby's Bubble Fun
Episode 28: Oscar the Kind
Episode 27: The New Old MacDonald
Episode 26: Grandparent's Day
Episode 25: The Wheel Deal
Episode 24: My Rahki Family
Episode 23: The Happy To Be Me Club
Episode 22: The Helpful Cloud
Episode 21: Shape Hunt
Episode 20: Elmo's Butterfly Friend
Episode 19: Me Am Cookie Monster
Episode 18: It's Dance Your Favorite Dance Day
Episode 17: Crafty Friends
Episode 16: Street Food
Episode 15: Chamki Visits Sesame Street
Episode 14: Chinese New Year
Episode 13: Book Worming
Episode 12: Hair Training
Episode 11: Kitty Kindness
Episode 10: The Last Straw
Episode 9: Our Family's Way
Episode 8: Abby's Sock Solution
Episode 7: M is for Missing
Episode 6: Clothing Drive
Episode 5: Martian Mission
Episode 4: Rapunzel Gets a Haircut
Episode 3: Elmo's Nursery Rhyme
Episode 2: Cinderella's Slippery Slippers
Episode 1: A Sesame Street Thanksgiving
Episode 35: Snazzy Society (repeat)
Episode 34: The Four Sneezons
Episode 33: Hide and Seek Rudy
Episode 32: Rudy Lets Loose
Episode 31: Hello Rudy
Episode 30: Battle of the Chefs
Episode 29: Big Bird’s Big Move
Episode 28: Bert and Ernie Make a Movie (repeat)
Episode 27: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Episode 26: The Camouflage Game
Episode 25: The Recycling Fairy
Episode 24: Father's Day
Episode 23: Elmo and Rosita's Rainbow Search (repeat)
Episode 22: Rocking Rollie
Episode 21: Sheep in a Jet Pack
Episode 20: Wild Animals Shop for Lunch (repeat)
Episode 19: House of Worm
Episode 18: Counting Hats (repeat)
Episode 17: Bike Show with a Beat
Episode 16: Make Your Garden Grow
Episode 15: Meet Julia
Episode 14: Painting with Cookie Monster
Episode 13: Get Ready for Today
Episode 12: Big Bird's Song
Episode 11: Baby Bear Learns About Bees (repeat)
Episode 10: Elmo Comes Clean
Episode 9: Norbert's Birthday
Episode 8: Snuffy's Dance (repeat)
Episode 7: Dress Up
Episode 6: Elmo's Sweet Ride
Episode 5: Having a Ball
Episode 4: Super Sitters
Episode 3: Abby Helps Clear Things Up
Episode 2: Be Kind to Your Worm
Episode 1: The Kindness Kid
Episode 35: Halloween
Episode 34: School of Chickens
Episode 33: Don't Get Pushy
Episode 32: Sesame Ocean
Episode 31: The Good Sport
Episode 30: Afraid of the Bark
Episode 29: Dress-Up Club
Episode 28: Mi Amigita Rosita
Episode 27: Bye Bye Pacifier
Episode 26: Elmo and the Bookaneers
Episode 25: Boo Boo Buster
Episode 24: Abby Makes the Seasons Change
Episode 23: Music Magic
Episode 22: Chicken Thunderstorms
Episode 21: To the Moon, Elmo
Episode 20: Hooper's Lockdown
Episode 19: Move It!
Episode 18: A Very Cookie Mother's Day
Episode 17: Camping Show
Episode 16: Rocco's Playdate
Episode 15: Birdie and the Beast
Episode 14: Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin
Episode 13: The Princess Story
Episode 12: Elmo Steps in for Super Grover
Episode 11: Abby's Fairy Garden
Episode 10: Say Thank You to Your Face Day
Episode 9: What I Love About Art
Episode 8: When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street
Episode 7: The Best Friend Band
Episode 6: Valentine's Day
Episode 5: Funny Farm
Episode 4: Saved by Superfoods
Episode 3: Grover's Street Safari
Episode 2: Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer
Episode 1: Bedtime Story
Episode 26: Everyday Magic
Episode 24: Abby Schools in Cool
Episode 23: Upside-Down Nursery Rhymes
Episode 22: Jack B. Nimble Can't Sit Down
Episode 21: Papa Bear Goes to Preschool
Episode 20: Bert's Sign Painting Challenge
Episode 19: Chaos at Hooper's Store
Episode 18: Friendship Day
Episode 17: Elmo the Grouch
Episode 16: Oscar's Clean Tuxedo
Episode 15: Stinky's First Day of Preschool
Episode 14: Oscar's Trash Plan
Episode 13: Waiting for the Present
Episode 12: Big Bird Loses His Nest
Episode 11: Peter Piper's Purpose
Episode 10: Calm Down and Think, Elmo
Episode 9: If Me Had That Wand
Episode 8: Ernie's Dance Video
Episode 7: A Bicycle Built by Two
Episode 6: Number 15's Quinceanera
Episode 5: Enthusiastic Penelope
Episode 4: Numeric-con
Episode 3: Proud to Be Me
Episode 2: Bert's Training Wheels
Episode 1: School for Chickens
Episode 11: The Cookie Tree
Episode 10: Grouch Messing Machine
Episode 9: Elmo Finds a Baby Bird
Episode 8: Stinky's Annual Birthday Flower
Episode 7: Bears Try to Hibernate
Episode 6: Y a Quest? Y Not
Episode 5: Abby Makes Seasons Change
Episode 4: Wild Nature Survivor Guy
Episode 3: Baby Bear is Afraid of Bees
Episode 2: Cowmonster Pair
Episode 1: Frankly It's Becoming a Habitat
Episode 12: Number 6 Games
Episode 9: Telly the Tiebreaker
Episode 7: Annual Triangle Toss
Episode 6: Max the Magician
Episode 5: Firefly Show
Episode 1: The Golden Triangle of Destiny
Episode 1: Elmo & The Bookaneers
Episode 1: The First Sesame Street