Secret Eaters (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Secret Eaters is a British documentary television series about overeating. It is shown on Channel 4 and presented by Anna Richardson. There are 14 episodes in two series, airing starting 2013. The format for each 46 minutes episode is similar. With their permission, a couple people with eating habit problems are videoed in their home over a week. The subjects do not suspect that private investigators are also following and videoing them elsewhere. At the end of the week, in a set looking like a cafe, the true, substantial amount of what the subjects have eaten is revealed. The subjects are given some days to change their habits, and are brought back, showing considerable weight loss. This drama is intercut with a separate short story where the presenter and food experts test each episode some factor causing overeating. Read More



Episode 8: Allan and Emma
Episode 7: Katie and Michael
Episode 6: Smale Family
Episode 5: Lorraine and Cori
Episode 4: Sharon and Tracy
Episode 3: Kelli and Tracey
Episode 2: Helena and Murray
Episode 1: Rude Awakening
Episode 8: Precious and Florence
Episode 7: Emma and Matthew
Episode 6: Darryl and Kate
Episode 5: Hetal and Mitul
Episode 4: Lauren and Stephanie
Episode 3: David and Denise
Episode 2: Emma and Paul
Episode 1: Ray and Ange
Episode 6: Ronnie and Stuart
Episode 5: White Oliver Family
Episode 4: Meakin Family
Episode 3: Dawn and Mike
Episode 2: Castle Family
Episode 1: Jill and Stuart