Secret City (2016)


Plot: Back for a second season, Secret City returns 2 years later after Harriet Dunkley spends time in a Federal Prison. There is of course another political web of deceit and a whole conspiracy for Harriet Dunkley to uncover. As the plot thickens and the pieces begin to fall into alignment, the season builds up to a climactic, but somewhat thought-provoking, highlighting dangers around technology and our own perceptions of war. Read More



Episode 6: Two Cheers for Democracy
Episode 5: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Episode 4: Broken Bird
Episode 3: Pale Horse
Episode 2: The War Zone
Episode 1: Run Little Rabbit
Episode 6: The Light on the Hill
Episode 5: Ghosts in the Machine
Episode 4: Falling Hard
Episode 3: Beware the Jabberwock
Episode 2: The Watchers
Episode 1: A Donation to the Struggle