Sea Patrol (2007)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama

Plot: Set amongst the awesome beauty of the Australian Gold Coast, Sea Patrol follows sailors from every walk of life, age and temperament all crammed aboard the Naval Patrol boat Hammersley, a veritable pressure cooker of emotions desires and ambitions. Whether they are hunting down well armed drug smugglers, chasing thieves or pirates, helping fools, or saving reckless illegal immigrants, their adventures serve to bring the crew together to forge deep and longstanding friendships that cross the class and gender divide. Filmed on the Great Barrier Reef and Mission Beach, Far North Queensland and at Warner Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast, QLD. Read More



Episode 13: One Perfect Day
Episode 12: Saving Ryan
Episode 11: The Morning After
Episode 10: The Hunted
Episode 9: Dead Sea
Episode 8: Lifeline
Episode 7: Black Flights
Episode 6: The Stinger
Episode 5: Dead Zone
Episode 4: Spoils of War
Episode 3: Crimes of Passion
Episode 2: Eye for an Eye
Episode 1: The Third Man
Episode 16: In Too Deep
Episode 15: Flotsam and Jetsam
Episode 14: Live Catch
Episode 13: Soft Target
Episode 12: Rumble In the Jungle
Episode 11: Brotherhood of the Sea
Episode 10: Rawhide
Episode 9: Dutch Courage
Episode 8: The Universal Donor
Episode 7: Shoes of the Fisherman
Episode 6: Big Fish
Episode 5: Paradise Lost
Episode 4: Ransom
Episode 3: The Right Stuff
Episode 2: Crocodile Tears
Episode 1: Night of the Long Knives
Episode 13: Red Reef
Episode 12: Black Gold
Episode 11: Secret Cargo
Episode 10: Safeguard
Episode 9: Pearls Before Swine
Episode 8: Red Sky Morning
Episode 7: Half Life
Episode 6: Oh Danny Boy
Episode 5: Ghost Net
Episode 4: Guns
Episode 3: China Dolls
Episode 2: Monkey Business
Episode 1: Catch and Release
Episode 13: Soldiers of Fortune
Episode 12: Friends Close, Enemies Closer
Episode 11: A Brilliant Career
Episode 10: Rules of Engagement
Episode 9: Shadow Line
Episode 8: Heart of Glass
Episode 7: Hidden Agendas
Episode 6: Birds
Episode 5: Giving up the Dead
Episode 4: Heaven Born Captains
Episode 3: Takedown
Episode 2: Fortune Favours
Episode 1: The Dogs of War
Episode 13: Cometh the Hour
Episode 12: Deep Water
Episode 11: Chinese Whispers
Episode 10: Damage Control
Episode 9: Under the Hammer
Episode 8: Through the Storm
Episode 7: Rescue Me
Episode 6: Precious Cargo
Episode 5: Under The Radar
Episode 4: Irukandji
Episode 3: Ghost of Things Past
Episode 2: What Lies Beneath
Episode 1: Welcome Aboard