Scrap Kings (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: An explosive series following work of demolition, salvage and waste management experts as they blast, crush and smash their way through a variety of structures which have had their day. And once they're down, the real work begins. From tower blocks to ships, to bridges to Victorian mansions…Every inch of material is removed as everything (and we mean everything) has value if you know where to take it and, more importantly, know when to sell it. With projects on this scale even a small shift in international metal markets could spell disaster for the Scrap Kings. Read More



Episode 11: Rugeley Chimney
Episode 10: Hammering Home
Episode 9: Swimming Pool
Episode 8: Warfare Recycle
Episode 7: Five Towers
Episode 6: School Shutdown
Episode 5: Defunct Depot
Episode 4: Wilton Park
Episode 3: Anzani House
Episode 2: George Hotel
Episode 1: Wrexham Blowdown
Episode 14: Jaws of Destruction
Episode 13: Delta 24 Zero
Episode 12: Sea Monster Lunch
Episode 11: The Final Curtain
Episode 3: Caravan Crash
Episode 2: Brewery Smash
Episode 1: Four Tower Blowdown
Episode 1: Mistley Maltings