Schoolhouse Rock! (1973)


Genre: Animation , Short , Family , Musical

Plot: Schoolhouse Rock! is an American series of animated musical educational short films that aired during the Saturday morning children's programming on the U.S. television network ABC. The topics covered included grammar, science, economics, history, mathematics, and civics. The series produced original episodes between 1973 and 1986 (with 37 episodes created between 1973 and 1980, and four created as the "Computer Rock" segment between 1983 and 1984), with a return in 1993 and new episodes airing at least once a year between then and 1996, when production of the series for ABC was halted. Episodes continued to air for an additional five years after that, finally coming to an end after a 26-year run cancellation in 1999 by ABC. This television program was often rated TV-G in the United States. Read More



Episode 3: Computer Rock: Software
Episode 2: Computer Rock: Hardware
Episode 1: Computer Rock: Introduction
Episode 8: Money Rock: The Check's in the Mail
Episode 7: Money Rock: Walkin' on Wall Street
Episode 6: Money Rock: This for That
Episode 5: Money Rock: Tyrannosaurus Debt
Episode 4: Money Rock: $7.50 Once a Week
Episode 3: Money Rock: Where the Money Goes
Episode 2: Money Rock: Tax Man Max
Episode 1: Money Rock: Dollars and Sense
Episode 9: Science Rock: The Greatest Show on Earth (The Weather Show)
Episode 8: Science Rock: Telegraph Line
Episode 7: Science Rock: Electricity, Electricity
Episode 6: Science Rock: Them Not-So-Dry Bones
Episode 5: Science Rock: The Energy Blues
Episode 4: Science Rock: Do the Circulation
Episode 3: Science Rock: The Body Machine
Episode 2: Science Rock: Interplanet Janet
Episode 1: Science Rock: A Victim of Gravity
Episode 11: America Rock: I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College
Episode 10: America Rock: Three-Ring Government
Episode 9: America Rock: Mother Necessity
Episode 8: America Rock: Fireworks
Episode 7: America Rock: Elbow Room
Episode 6: America Rock: The Great American Melting Pot
Episode 5: America Rock: I'm Just a Bill
Episode 4: America Rock: Sufferin' 'til Suffrage
Episode 3: America Rock: The Preamble
Episode 2: America Rock: The Shot Heard 'Round the World
Episode 1: America Rock: No More Kings
Episode 9: Grammar Rock: The Tale of Mr. Morton
Episode 8: Grammar Rock: Busy Prepositions
Episode 7: Grammar Rock: Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
Episode 6: Grammar Rock: Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here
Episode 5: Grammar Rock: Unpack Your Adjectives
Episode 4: Grammar Rock: Interjections!
Episode 3: Grammar Rock: Conjunction Junction
Episode 2: Grammar Rock: Verb: That's What's Happenin'
Episode 1: Grammar Rock: A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing
Episode 11: Multiplication Rock: Little Twelvetoes
Episode 10: Multiplication Rock: The Good Eleven
Episode 9: Multiplication Rock: Naughty Number Nine
Episode 8: Multiplication Rock: Figure Eight
Episode 7: Multiplication Rock: Lucky Seven Sampson
Episode 6: Multiplication Rock: I Got Six
Episode 5: Multiplication Rock: Ready or Not, Here I Come
Episode 4: Multiplication Rock: The Four-Legged Zoo
Episode 3: Multiplication Rock: Elementary, My Dear
Episode 2: Multiplication Rock: My Hero, Zero
Episode 1: Multiplication Rock: Three is a Magic Number