Scaredy Cats (2021)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: On Willa Ward’s twelfth birthday, she inherits a beautiful charm necklace that belonged to her mother, who was a witch. She soon learns 2 bad witches, Wilma and Wanda are after her locket so they can have ultimate power, and she alongside her best friends Scout and Lily turn into cats to escape. Read More



Episode 9: The Halloween Howl
Episode 8: The Legend of the Witches of Winding Way
Episode 7: Winnifred the Wise
Episode 6: Which Witch Is Which?
Episode 5: The Upside Down Classroom
Episode 4: Adventures in Kittysitting
Episode 3: Mrs. Winklepinkle, Substitute Teacher
Episode 2: If the Hat Fits...
Episode 1: The Amulet