Scam City (2012)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure , Reality-tv

Plot: Scam City is a show which started airing on Travel + Escape in June 2012 which crosses the globe visiting ten of the world’s most popular cities in an effort to expose the darker side of tourism. The host, Conor Woodman, meets with questionable characters ranging from unethical cab drivers to aggressive pimps as he witnesses and experiences the travel experience of parting with personal property and money. He intentionally falls victim to these alleged scammers and says "yes" to every hooker and pocket jeweler in the city, giving up substantial quantities of cash in the process. The show aims to expose the local adaptations of common scams - from pick pockets, expensive cab fares, to bars luring people in with adult entertainment at a high cost. Scam City has also been aired on the National Geographic Channel. In Australia, Scam City is shown on subscription TV channel Nat Geo Adventure, which airs on channel 628 on the Foxtel network. Read More



Episode 10: Paris
Episode 9: Bogota
Episode 8: Hong Kong
Episode 7: London
Episode 6: Amsterdam
Episode 5: Mumbai
Episode 4: Jerusalem
Episode 3: New York
Episode 2: Mexico City
Episode 1: New Orleans
Episode 10: Marrakech
Episode 9: Las Vegas
Episode 8: Bangkok
Episode 7: Istanbul
Episode 6: Delhi
Episode 5: Rome
Episode 4: Barcelona
Episode 3: Rio De Janeiro
Episode 2: Prague
Episode 1: Buenos Aires