Samantha Who? (2007)


Genre: Comedy , Mystery , Romance

Plot: Samantha Newly has been a bad, bad girl. But thanks to an 8-day coma, she can't remember a thing. Fortunately her best friend Andrea is by her side with a cocktail and the 4-1-1 on every dirty deed. But the more Sam pieces together her past, the less she likes her old self. Maybe this is a chance to start over and do it all again. Read More



Episode 20: With This Ring
Episode 19: The Other Woman
Episode 18: The First Date
Episode 17: The Dream Job
Episode 16: The Sister
Episode 15: Todd's Job
Episode 14: The Rock Star
Episode 13: The Debt
Episode 12: The Amazing Racist
Episode 11: The Dog
Episode 10: My Best Friend's Boyfriend
Episode 9: The Family Vacation
Episode 8: The Park
Episode 7: The Farm
Episode 6: The Ex
Episode 5: Help!
Episode 4: The Building
Episode 3: The Pill
Episode 2: Out of Africa
Episode 1: So I Think I Can Dance
Episode 15: The Birthday
Episode 14: The Affair
Episode 13: The Gallery Show
Episode 12: The Butterflies
Episode 11: The Boss
Episode 10: The Girlfriend
Episode 9: The Break-Up
Episode 8: The Car
Episode 7: The Hockey Date
Episode 6: The Hypnotherapist
Episode 5: The Restraining Order
Episode 4: The Virgin
Episode 3: The Wedding
Episode 2: The Job
Episode 1: Pilot