Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (2017)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Crime , Mystery

Plot: This show within a show is equal parts police-procedural comedy and show-biz commentary. When the LAPD somehow deems it a good idea to team one of its homicide detectives with a Hollywood actor and film the whole experiment for a TV—oops, I mean, Internet—series, straight-laced, no-nonsense detective Jessica Mathers (Samira Wiley) gets saddled with the unceasingly exuberant and cheerful Ryan Hansen. Their sleuthing adventures are infused with celebrity—including Joel McHale, Donald Faison, Eric Christian Olsen, Jon Cryer, and Kristen Bell—all playing comedically warped versions of themselves. Read More



Episode 8: Execution Dependent
Episode 7: The Ry Guy Goes to Jail
Episode 6: For Your Inconsideration
Episode 5: The Rye Chromosome
Episode 4: I’m Sorry, She “Class” passed
Episode 3: Like and Subscribe
Episode 2: The Office Party
Episode 1: Revival
Episode 8: Eight is the New Se7en
Episode 7: Freezed
Episode 6: Escape Room Escapades
Episode 5: Hungry for Justice
Episode 4: Trafficking and the Traffic King
Episode 3: Joel McHale Is: Ryan Hansen
Episode 2: Jane D'Oh!
Episode 1: Pilot