Rugrats (2021) (2021)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: A reinvention of the beloved 90s cartoon, Rugrats follows a group of adventurous babies as they discover the big world around them. Lead by Tommy Pickles, this toddler crew explores the world from their pint-sized and wildly imaginative perspective. Read More



Episode 13: The Pickle Barrel
Episode 12: The Fish Stick
Episode 11: I Dream of Duffy
Episode 10: No License to Drive
Episode 9: The Two Angelicas
Episode 8: March for Peas
Episode 7: The Last Balloon
Episode 6: One Big Happy Family
Episode 5: Jonathan for a Day
Episode 4: Tail of the Dogbot
Episode 3: New Puppy
Episode 2: Lady De-Clutter
Episode 1: Second Time Around