Round the Twist (1990)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Round The Twist is a wacky TV series written by the hilarious children's author, Paul Jennings. It follows the bizarre lives of the Twist family. Tony Twist (a.k.a. Dad) and his three children – the twins Pete and Linda and youngest son, Bronson – move from "The Big Smoke" (the city) to the sea-side village of Port Niranda. They move into an old lighthouse, previously owned by their new neighbour, Nell, and their new lives begin. Strange things always happen to the Twist family, strange but hilarious things. Each episode is a self-contained story with an amazing twist in the tail. Read More



Episode 13: Isle of Dreams
Episode 12: Skunk Man
Episode 11: Radio Da Da
Episode 10: The Shadow Player
Episode 9: Bird Boy
Episode 8: The Princess and the Pete
Episode 7: Hair Brain
Episode 6: Face the Fear
Episode 5: TV or Not TV
Episode 4: Dog by Night
Episode 3: Linda Godiva
Episode 2: Monster Under the Bed
Episode 1: Welcome Back
Episode 13: The Big Rock
Episode 12: If the Walls Could Talk
Episode 11: The Icecream Man Cometh
Episode 10: The Tears of Innocence
Episode 9: Toy Love
Episode 8: Brainless
Episode 7: Mali-Boo!
Episode 6: The Nirandathal Beast
Episode 5: Truth Hits Everybody
Episode 4: Imu Umi
Episode 3: Whirling Derfish
Episode 2: The Viking Book of Love
Episode 1: The Big Burp
Episode 13: Seeing the Light
Episode 12: Little Black Balls
Episode 11: Quivering Heap
Episode 10: Yuckles
Episode 9: Ice Maiden
Episode 8: Grandad's Gifts
Episode 7: Smelly Feat
Episode 6: Sloppy Jalopy
Episode 5: Nails
Episode 4: Pink Bow Tie
Episode 3: Little Squirt
Episode 2: Copy Cat
Episode 1: Next Time Around
Episode 13: Lighthouse Blues
Episode 12: Without My Pants
Episode 11: The Copy
Episode 10: Know All
Episode 9: Lucky Lips
Episode 8: WunderPants
Episode 7: Santa Claws
Episode 6: The Gum-Leaf War
Episode 5: Spaghetti Pig Out
Episode 4: The Cabbage Patch Fib
Episode 3: A Good Tip for Ghosts
Episode 2: Birdsdo
Episode 1: Skeleton on the Dunny