Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends (1999)


Genre: Animation , Action , Mystery , Sci-fi

Plot: The truth isn't out there. It walks among us. The Roswell Conspiracies unravel when a group of allied intelligence agents discover that extraterrestrial beings are roaming the earth, stalking humans for food, sport, or even more sinister agendas. To combat the aliens, the agents form an underground, multi-national movement called The Global Alliance. Operating from a bunker in the small town of Roswell, they recruit from the elite ranks of science, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies, setting off on a mission to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from the alien creatures that walk among them. Read More



Episode 20: The Last Sasquatch
Episode 19: Flying Saucer Down
Episode 18: The Cub
Episode 17: The Partnership
Episode 12: Vodun Rising
Episode 11: Countdown
Episode 10: Chupacabra
Episode 9: Bounty Wars
Episode 8: Fusion Breed
Episode 7: The Roswell Incident
Episode 6: Snowman's Chance
Episode 5: Peacemaker
Episode 4: Troubled Past
Episode 3: Mountain Retreat