Rocko's Modern Life (1992)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Rocko is a wallaby who has emigrated to America from Australia. He lives in O-Town and tries to get through life but, of course, comes across a multitude of dilemmas and misadventures he must get through. Other characters include Rocko's best friend, Heffer, a steer who has been raised by wolves, Filbert, a paranoid hypochondriac turtle, Rocko's faithful (but none-too-bright) dog Spunky, and Ed Bighead who detests Rocko and hates having him for a next door neighbor. On this show, Rocko has such adventures as trying to adapt to a new vacuum cleaner, having Heffer move in temporarily after his parents kick him out, and going to a movie theater. Read More



Episode 13: Closet Clown
Episode 12: Magic Meatball
Episode 11: S.W.A.K.
Episode 10: Feisty Geist
Episode 9: Mama's Boy
Episode 8: Yarnbenders
Episode 7: Wimp on the Barby
Episode 6: Teed Off
Episode 5: Ed Good, Rocko Bad
Episode 4: From Here to Maternity
Episode 3: Pranksters
Episode 2: Sailing the Seven Zzzz's
Episode 1: With Friends Like These
Episode 13: I See London, I See France
Episode 12: Rocko's Happy Vermin
Episode 11: Maniac Mechanic
Episode 10: Old Fogey Froggy
Episode 9: Nothing to Sneeze At
Episode 8: Camera Shy
Episode 7: Fish-N-Chumps
Episode 6: Ed is Dead: A Thriller!
Episode 5: Sugar-Frosted Frights
Episode 4: Schnit-Heads
Episode 3: The Emperor's New Joe
Episode 2: Belch of Destiny
Episode 1: Bye, Bye Birdie
Episode 20: Snowballs
Episode 18: Junk Junkies
Episode 16: Hair Licked
Episode 14: Born to Spawn
Episode 13: Cruisin'
Episode 12: Kiss Me, I'm Foreign
Episode 11: Hut Sut Raw
Episode 10: Rocko's Modern Christmas
Episode 9: Commuted Sentence
Episode 8: Boob Tubed
Episode 7: Road Rash
Episode 6: Down the Hatch
Episode 5: She's the Toad
Episode 4: The Lounge Singer
Episode 3: Tickled Pinky
Episode 2: Pipe Dreams
Episode 1: I Have No Son!
Episode 25: Clean Lovin'
Episode 23: Who's For Dinner?
Episode 21: Rocko's Happy Sack
Episode 19: Cabin Fever
Episode 17: Carnival Knowledge
Episode 15: A Sucker For the Suck-O-Matic
Episode 13: Spitballs
Episode 12: Trash-O-Madness
Episode 11: The Good, the Bad, and the Wallaby
Episode 10: To Heck and Back
Episode 9: Power Trip
Episode 8: Skid Marks
Episode 7: Keeping Up With the Bigheads
Episode 6: Dirty Dog
Episode 5: Jet Scream
Episode 4: Bedfellows
Episode 3: Leap Frogs
Episode 2: Who Gives a Buck?
Episode 1: No Pain, No Gain