Rocket Power (1999)


Genre: Animation , Short , Action , Adventure , Family , Sport

Plot: Rocket Power is about four friends who are addicted to action and extreme sports. Otto Rocket, his sister Reggie, and their pals Twister and Sam excel at just about every aggressive sport you can imagine. All that competition can get, well, pretty competitive sometimes. So it's a good thing folks like Otto and Reggie's dad Ray and his business partner Tito Makani are around to remind everyone that way cool friendships are more important than winning events. Read More



Episode 24: X-Treme Ideas
Episode 23: Beach Boyz and a Girl
Episode 22: Snow Bounders
Episode 21: Major Scrummage
Episode 20: Card Sharked
Episode 18: Otto Hangs 11
Episode 17: Sim Sammy
Episode 16: Power Play
Episode 15: Twisting Places
Episode 14: There's Something About Breezy
Episode 13: Tito Sitting
Episode 12: Kayaks Amok
Episode 11: Reggie's Pen is Mightier
Episode 10: Reggie / Regina
Episode 9: To Be, Otto Not to Be
Episode 8: Shack Attack
Episode 7: The Lingos
Episode 6: Tito Thon
Episode 5: Twister's Hat
Episode 4: What A Tangled Web We Ski
Episode 3: Home Sweet Home
Episode 2: Vert vs. Street
Episode 1: Enter The Hawk-Trix
Episode 18: Game Day
Episode 17: Back Bowl
Episode 16: Pool's Out Forever
Episode 15: Bruised Man's Curve
Episode 14: Welcome to Ottoworld
Episode 12: What's That Smell?
Episode 11: The Good Housekeeping Seal
Episode 10: Earnest Otto
Episode 9: Mr. B Is in the House
Episode 8: Ottoman and the Sea
Episode 6: Tito's Lucky Shell
Episode 5: Radical New Equipment
Episode 4: A Shot in the Park
Episode 2: Say Hello to Cement Head
Episode 1: Rocket Repairs
Episode 22: Zine Dreams
Episode 21: Rainy Days & Sundaes
Episode 20: Loss of Squid
Episode 19: Super McVarial 900
Episode 18: Banned on the Run
Episode 17: D is for Dad
Episode 16: Total Luger
Episode 15: Blader Bowl
Episode 14: Twisted Cinema
Episode 13: PowerGirl Surfers
Episode 12: Father's Day Off
Episode 11: Rocket Girls
Episode 10: Big Thursday
Episode 9: Twister's Cuz
Episode 8: Rocket Rescue
Episode 7: Happy Luau To You-Au
Episode 6: Night Prowlers
Episode 5: Otto 3000
Episode 4: Ice Queens
Episode 3: Secret Spot
Episode 2: Down the Drain
Episode 1: New Squid on the Block