Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory (2009)


Genre: Comedy , Reality-tv

Plot: Rob Dyrdek has spent most of his life turning fantasy into reality. Even as a young skateboarder, Rob defied all odds by going pro at the age of 16. Since then, Rob has always believed that even the wildest fantasies are possible if you commit to making them real. Fans of MTV's Rob and Big know that he proves it by embracing, pursuing and achieving the products of his own imagination. Read More



Episode 10: Final Final Finale
Episode 9: Best of, Bonus, and Behind the Scenes of Season 7
Episode 8: TTFL and the Old War Dog
Episode 7: Patty's Bucket List
Episode 6: Happy Meter
Episode 5: Big Black Forest Ham and the Foot Long Kid
Episode 4: The Clean Hole Alliance
Episode 3: Strike Slinger and the Bowl Bear
Episode 2: 600 Horsepower of American Muscle
Episode 1: Robert Lightfoot and Silky Black
Episode 9: Bor Kedryd
Episode 8: Fully Uploaded
Episode 7: Snack Off
Episode 6: Big Black's BBW Round-Up
Episode 5: Ultimate Funcle
Episode 4: Shoe Trees
Episode 3: Butt Brothers
Episode 2: Heart of a Lion
Episode 1: Movie Stars
Episode 12: I'm An Alien!
Episode 11: Big Black's Dump Truck
Episode 10: Dyrdek Day
Episode 9: Thy Kingdom of Fantasy Factory
Episode 8: Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes
Episode 7: I'm Livin' It
Episode 6: Full Scale, Full-Fledged, Certified Minister
Episode 5: Eat My Cookie
Episode 4: You Can Never Be Too Big
Episode 3: Chunky as Charged
Episode 2: We're in the Burrito Game!
Episode 1: Super Sonic Rob
Episode 10: Phoenix of Love
Episode 9: Brother Bond
Episode 8: Joe C. And The Magic Goatee
Episode 7: Kid Lightning
Episode 6: Ginger Lion
Episode 5: Best Of, Bonus, And Behind The Scenes
Episode 4: Dodging Devil Donkeys
Episode 3: The Bleeding Frogs
Episode 2: Project Man Dime
Episode 1: Welcome, Big Black
Episode 12: Jingle Z
Episode 11: WWII...1972
Episode 10: Hawaiian Manventure
Episode 9: Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes
Episode 8: I'm an Awkward Enabler!
Episode 7: He's Just a Little Mini-Pig
Episode 6: Operation: Save Patty
Episode 5: Fantasy Factory's Sketchiest Moments
Episode 4: It's Barry... Barry Bright
Episode 3: Cheese Ballers
Episode 2: Live Your Brand
Episode 1: This is a Skateboard Car
Episode 8: Fantasy Factory v. The Berrics
Episode 7: Lights Out
Episode 6: Parents Vacation Episode
Episode 5: Best Of, Bonus And Behind The Scenes
Episode 4: Local Celebrity Almost Dies!
Episode 3: Trust Your Pilot, Respect Your Monkey
Episode 2: Natural Born Gymkhana-er
Episode 1: Dirty Man-Horse
Episode 12: Dusty Monkey
Episode 11: Best Of And Behind The Scenes
Episode 10: Cole Hernandez
Episode 9: No Mandals
Episode 8: Unseen Footage Show
Episode 7: Shark Sugar
Episode 6: This Is Not Mom-Certified
Episode 5: Bangin' On Fools
Episode 4: Motelier
Episode 3: Extreme Timmy
Episode 2: Get With Your Power Animal
Episode 1: Super Blob