Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections (2008)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: TV’s Richard Hammond travels the world to reveal the simple, yet effective secrets that make them tick and how they owe their existence to things as diverse as a birdcage and a bicycle pump. From the bottom of the ocean to infinity and beyond, the sky’s not the limit for this intrepid host as he gets under the skin of: the Airbus A380 in France, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and the incredible Troll-A gas platform off the coast of Norway. Read More



Episode 6: Bullet Train
Episode 5: Space Shuttle
Episode 4: Earthquake Bridge
Episode 3: LNG Super Tanker
Episode 2: Formula 1
Episode 1: Burj Al Arab
Episode 6: Hong Kong's Ocean Airport
Episode 5: Millau Sky Bridge
Episode 4: Guggenheim, Bilbao
Episode 3: HMS Illustrious
Episode 2: Sydney Opera House
Episode 1: Wembley Stadium
Episode 4: Super Rig
Episode 3: Deep Space Observer
Episode 2: Taipei Tower
Episode 1: Airbus A380