Quincy, M.E. (1976)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Plot: Quincy, M.E, a man who must have been a nightmare to work with! Quincy was a crusading Medical Examiner in Los Angeles, an expert at his job he was always capable of finding something that everyone else missed. A small clue that would go against all the rest of the evidence in a case and would lead to him arguing with his boss, Asten, and/or the investigating detective, nearly always Monahan. Quincy started of as a straight forward crime series with a difference, it was a M.E. investigating not a police officer or private eye.As the series went from strength to strength the writers, probably with a little push from Klugman, started bringing in stories about social injustice rather than criminal. Most of the time this worked, in fact it is sometimes interesting to see that some of the things highlighted still have not changed even now! Sometimes it came over a little preachy but the show can never be faulted for trying to enlighten the eyes of its viewers. Read More



Episode 24: The Cutting Edge
Episode 23: Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?
Episode 22: An Act of Violence
Episode 21: Suffer the Little Children
Episode 20: Women of Valor
Episode 19: Murder on Ice
Episode 18: Quincy's Wedding (2)
Episode 17: Quincy's Wedding (1)
Episode 16: On Dying High
Episode 15: Beyond the Open Door
Episode 14: A Loss for Words
Episode 13: Cry for Help
Episode 12: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Episode 11: The Law Is a Fool
Episode 10: Sword of Honor, Blade of Death
Episode 9: Across the Line
Episode 8: Next Stop, Nowhere
Episode 7: Science for Sale
Episode 6: Sleeping Dogs
Episode 5: Unreasonable Doubt
Episode 4: Dying for a Drink
Episode 3: Give Me Your Weak
Episode 2: Ghost of a Chance
Episode 1: Baby Rattlesnakes
Episode 24: The Mourning After
Episode 23: Deadly Protection
Episode 22: The Last of Leadbottom
Episode 21: The Unquiet Grave
Episode 20: Expert in Murder
Episode 19: The Face of Fear
Episode 18: Stolen Tears
Episode 17: The Flight of the Nightingale
Episode 16: The Shadow of Death
Episode 15: To Clear the Air
Episode 14: Into the Murdering Mind
Episode 13: For Love of Joshua
Episode 12: Smoke Screen
Episode 11: When Luck Ran Out
Episode 10: Guns Don't Die
Episode 9: Bitter Pill
Episode 8: Dead Stop
Episode 7: Gentle Into That Good Night
Episode 6: For Want of a Horse
Episode 5: D.U.I.
Episode 4: Slow Boat to Madness (2)
Episode 3: Slow Boat to Madness (1)
Episode 2: The Golden Hour
Episode 1: Memories of Allison
Episode 18: Vigil of Fear
Episode 17: Sugar and Spice
Episode 16: To Kill in Plain Sight
Episode 15: Of All Sad Words
Episode 14: Seldom Silent, Never Heard
Episode 12: Jury Duty
Episode 11: Scream to the Skies
Episode 10: Headhunter
Episode 9: Dear Mummy
Episode 8: Stain of Guilt
Episode 7: By Their Faith
Episode 6: Welcome to Paradise Palms
Episode 5: The Hope of Elkwood
Episode 4: The Night Killer
Episode 3: Last Day, First Day
Episode 2: A Matter of Principle
Episode 1: Last Rights
Episode 22: No Way to Treat a Patient
Episode 21: Deadly Arena
Episode 20: The Final Gift
Episode 19: TKO
Episode 18: New Blood
Episode 17: The Winning Edge
Episode 16: Unhappy Hour
Episode 15: Cover-Up
Episode 14: Riot
Episode 13: Diplomatic Immunity
Episode 12: Honor Thy Elders
Episode 11: Murder by S.O.P.
Episode 10: For the Benefit of My Patients
Episode 9: The Money Plague
Episode 8: Nowhere to Run
Episode 7: Mode of Death
Episode 6: Sweet Land of Liberty
Episode 5: Hot Ice
Episode 4: Never a Child
Episode 3: By the Death of a Child
Episode 2: Dead Last
Episode 1: No Way to Treat a Flower
Episode 23: The Eye of the Needle
Episode 22: The Death Challenge
Episode 21: An Ounce of Prevention
Episode 20: Semper-Fidelis
Episode 19: Promises to Keep
Episode 18: Physician, Heal Thyself
Episode 17: Dark Angel
Episode 16: Aftermath
Episode 15: Walk Softly Through the Night (2)
Episode 14: Walk Softly Through the Night (1)
Episode 13: The Depth of Beauty
Episode 12: A Small Circle of Friends
Episode 11: A Night to Raise the Dead
Episode 10: House of No Return
Episode 9: A Question of Death
Episode 8: No Way to Treat a Body
Episode 7: Dead and Alive
Episode 6: Even Odds
Episode 5: Images
Episode 4: Death by Good Intentions
Episode 3: A Test for the Living
Episode 2: Speed Trap
Episode 1: The Last Six Hours
Episode 20: Requiem for the Living
Episode 19: Double Death
Episode 18: Gone But Not Forgotten
Episode 17: Ashes to Ashes
Episode 16: Accomplice to Murder
Episode 15: Passing
Episode 14: Matters of Life and Death
Episode 13: Crib Job
Episode 12: Last of the Dinosaurs
Episode 11: The Deadly Connection
Episode 10: Touch of Death
Episode 9: The Hero Syndrome
Episode 8: Main Man
Episode 7: Holding Pattern
Episode 6: Tissue of Truth
Episode 5: Death Casts a Vote
Episode 4: A Question of Time
Episode 3: A Dead Man's Truth
Episode 2: A Blow to the Head ... a Blow to the Heart
Episode 1: No Deadly Secret
Episode 13: Let Me Light the Way
Episode 12: Valleyview
Episode 11: Sullied Be Thy Name
Episode 10: An Unfriendly Radiance
Episode 9: The Hot Dog Murder
Episode 8: A Good Smack in the Mouth
Episode 7: Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?
Episode 6: Hit and Run at Danny's
Episode 5: The Two Sides of Truth
Episode 4: Visitors in Paradise
Episode 3: The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone
Episode 1: Snake Eyes (1)
Episode 4: Hot Ice, Cold Hearts
Episode 3: A Star Is Dead
Episode 2: Who's Who in Neverland
Episode 1: Go Fight City Hall... To the Death