Puppets Who Kill (2002)


Genre: Comedy , Crime

Plot: Puppets Who Kill is a Canadian television comedy programme co-produced by The Comedy Network. It premiered in Canada on the Comedy Network in 2002, and in Australia on The Comedy Channel in 2004. In Puppets Who Kill, Rocko the Dog, Cuddles the Comfort Doll, Buttons the Bear, and Bill the Dummy are four live, anthropomorphic puppets with a history of delinquency and recidivism. Canadian courts sent each of them to a halfway house for puppets, operated by a man named Dan Barlow. Read More



Episode 13: Buttons the Ghost
Episode 12: Dan's Ideal Woman
Episode 11: A Few Feuds
Episode 10: The Hostage
Episode 9: The Rival House
Episode 8: Bill's Wedding
Episode 7: Buttons and the Dying Wish Foundation
Episode 6: Oedipus Dan
Episode 5: Bill and the Berkowitz's
Episode 4: Dan Is Dead
Episode 3: Mr. Big
Episode 2: Dan and the Garden Shears
Episode 1: The Joyride
Episode 13: Dan and the New Neighbour
Episode 12: Cuddles the Artist
Episode 11: Button's Big Fat Greek Wedding
Episode 10: The Amazing Bill
Episode 9: The Lovely Fred
Episode 8: The CBC Is Killing Again
Episode 7: Dan And The Bird Flu
Episode 6: Buttons And The Paternity Suit
Episode 5: Rocko's Politician
Episode 4: Gus The Arsonist
Episode 3: Buttons the Dresser
Episode 2: Cuddles The Manchurian Candidate
Episode 1: Buttons On A Hot Tin Roof
Episode 13: The Twilight Place
Episode 12: Rocko And The Twins
Episode 11: Dan And The Necrophiliac
Episode 10: Rocko Gets A Lung
Episode 9: Pizza Boys Are Missing
Episode 8: Bill's Got The Blues
Episode 7: Cuddles The Religious Icon
Episode 6: Dead Ted
Episode 5: Buttons The Geriatric
Episode 4: Cuddles The Demon
Episode 3: Prostitutes For Jesus
Episode 2: Portrait Of Buttons
Episode 1: Bill Sues
Episode 13: Mr. Quigley, The Asshole Next Door
Episode 12: Dan's Umbrella
Episode 11: Cuddles Gets Laid
Episode 10: Dan The Greeter
Episode 9: Dan's Crush
Episode 8: Cuddles The Safety Mascot
Episode 7: Rocko's Telethon
Episode 6: The Island Of Skip-Along Pete
Episode 5: Bill's Brain
Episode 4: Buttons Goes To Court
Episode 3: Cuddles Goes To Jail
Episode 2: Buttons, The City Counsellor And The City Counsellor's Wife
Episode 1: Pilot