Prototype This (2008)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Prototype This! was a TV series that claimed to "look into the viability of gadgets and technology seen in science-fiction movies". The series premiered on October 15, 2008, on The Discovery Channel. It was filmed on Treasure Island in Building 180 and occasionally at Standard Metal Products in San Francisco. The show follows a team of inventors: ⁕Dr. Mike North – Material Science, University of California, Santa Barbara ⁕Joe Grand – Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Boston University ⁕Terry Sandin – Special Effects Guru, Hollywood ⁕Dr. Andrew 'Zoz' Brooks – 3 degrees from the University of Adelaide, namely, Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours in Computer Science and a Graduate Diploma in Education plus a Masters from the Australian National University's robotics laboratory and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read More



Episode 13: Dogsitter
Episode 12: Gecko Superhero Suit
Episode 11: Flying Life Guard
Episode 10: Virtual Sea Adventure
Episode 9: Wearable Airbag
Episode 8: Automated Pizza Delivery
Episode 7: Get Up And Go
Episode 6: Robotic Firefighter Assistant
Episode 5: Backyard Waterslide Simulator
Episode 4: Six-Legged All Terrain Vehicle
Episode 3: Traffic Busting Truck
Episode 2: Boxing Robots
Episode 1: Mind Controlled Car