Power (2014)


Plot: "Power" is a visionary drama that straddles the glamorous Manhattan lifestyles of the rich and infamous and the underworld of the international drug trade. The cast is led by Omari Hardwick as James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a man trying to escape his role as a drug kingpin for a legitimized life in the elite of NYC; Joseph Sikora as his brother in arms in the drug business, Tommy Egan; Naturi Naughton plays Ghost's fierce wife Tasha St. Patrick; and Lela Loren is his first love, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes. Read More



Episode 15: Exactly How We Planned
Episode 14: Reversal of Fortune
Episode 13: It's All Your Fault
Episode 12: He Always Wins
Episode 11: Still DRE
Episode 10: No One Can Stop Me
Episode 9: Scorched Earth
Episode 8: Deal With the Devil
Episode 7: Like Father, Like Son
Episode 6: Inside Man
Episode 5: King's Gambit
Episode 4: Why Is Tommy Still Alive?
Episode 3: Forgot About Dre
Episode 2: Whose Side Are You On?
Episode 1: Murderers
Episode 10: When This Is Over
Episode 9: There's a Snitch Among Us
Episode 8: A Friend of the Family
Episode 7: The Devil Inside
Episode 6: A Changed Man
Episode 5: Happy Birthday
Episode 4: Second Chances
Episode 3: Are We on the Same Team?
Episode 2: Damage Control
Episode 1: Everyone Is Implicated
Episode 10: You Can't Fix This
Episode 9: That Ain't Me
Episode 8: It's Done
Episode 7: You Lied to My Face
Episode 6: New Man
Episode 5: Don't Thank Me
Episode 4: We're in This Together
Episode 3: The Kind of Man You Are
Episode 2: Things Are Going to Get Worse
Episode 1: When I Get Out
Episode 10: In My Best Interest
Episode 9: I Call the Shots
Episode 8: Trust Me
Episode 7: Don't Go
Episode 6: The Right Decision
Episode 5: Help Me
Episode 4: Don't Worry, Baby
Episode 3: I Got This on Lock
Episode 2: It's Never Over
Episode 1: Call Me James
Episode 10: Ghost Is Dead
Episode 9: Time's Up
Episode 8: Three Moves Ahead
Episode 7: You're Not the Man
Episode 6: Why Her?
Episode 5: Who You Are and Who You Want to Be
Episode 4: You're the Only Person I Can Trust
Episode 3: Like We're Any Other Couple
Episode 2: No Friends On The Street
Episode 1: Consequences
Episode 8: Best Laid Plans
Episode 7: Loyalty
Episode 6: Who You With?
Episode 5: I Gotta Go
Episode 4: Who Are You?
Episode 3: This Is Real
Episode 2: Whoever He Is
Episode 1: Not Exactly How We Planned