Polyamory: Married & Dating (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The new SHOWTIME docu-series, POLYAMORY: MARRIED AND DATING, exploring alternative relationship structures, premieres on Thursday, July 12th at 11 PM ET/PT. Polyamory or "poly" as it is often referred to, is practiced by couples who believe that they can also have deep, committed, long-term and loving relationships with people other than their spouses. Unlike polygamy, polyamory is not based on any religious tenets nor does it involve multiple spouses. Produced by BermanBraun, this series of seven episodes presents the various ways in which poly practitioners approach non-monogamy. Read More



Episode 6: Radical Honesty
Episode 5: Poly Potluck
Episode 4: Poly Anniversary
Episode 3: Poly Lovers
Episode 1: Pilot